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Abcam: Stem Cells
Antibodies, markers, reagents and recent reviews of their applications, links to conferences. Online catalog and purchase available from Cambridge, England and Massachusetts.
Advanced BioHealing, Inc.
Development and marketing of cell based and tissue engineered products for wound care. Profile of company in Westport, Connecticut.
AssureImmune LLC.
Offers collection and preservation services, for both cord blood and adult clients, from their base in Boca Raton, Florida.
BeFutur Biotechnologies
Company conducts research using autologous human cells in a serum free medium to treat incurable diseases. The results propose possible new treatments for regeneration of diseased tissues. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Bionet Corp.
Initially operated private cord blood banking service. Now expanded into prenatal genetic testing and bio-cosmetology. Taiwan. In Chinese and English.
Bioquark Inc.
Biotechnology company focused on cellular reprogramming technologies for human cell therapy and tissue regeneration.
Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc.
Products based on the regulation of the human haematopoietic (blood-forming) system.
CellResearch Corp. Pte. Ltd.
Inventors of ethical umbilical cord mesenchymal and epithelial progenitor cell lines targeted at regenerative medicine. Also offering primary skin cell culture systems, both normal and diseased, and customised research in Singapore.
Cerco Medical
Develop cellular-based therapies to treat common diseases through the application of encapsulation technology.
Chris Mason
Consultant to the global stem cell, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine industry.
Cryo-Cell International, Inc.
Company specializing in collecting and preserving menstrual stem cells that can be used in present and future regenenerative and cosmetic therapies in the USA.
CXR Biosciences
Drug discovery and development tools including the deployment of stem cell technologies
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.
Developing proprietary, cell-based therapies from adult adipose tissue, targeting cardiovascular disease, orthopedic conditions, gastrointestinal disorders and autologous reconstructive surgery. International contacts with headquarters in San Diego, California.
An independent contract research company providing pre-clinical research services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
Geron Corp.
Commercializing cell-based therapies for oncology, injury, degenerative and multiple chronic diseases disease, is its human embryonic platform. Subsidiary in Edinburgh, Scotland, mainly based in Menlo Park, California.
Intercytex Ltd.
Biotech company in the field of cell therapies including skin and hair regeneration products. Currently in clinical phase 3 trials in the USA, Canada and UK, headquartered in Cambridge, England.
King's Phlebotomists
Cord blood collection specialists working in London, UK. Services offered include the collection of stem cells from the placenta and the umbilical cord immediately after the birth of a baby.
Clinic based in Guatemala, Central America, offering stem cell transplantation. Explains the treatments offered and provides information for local and foreign patients and financing arrangements.
Biotherapeutic company developing autologous differentiated neural stem cell therapies for neurological disorders in Los Angeles, California.
Plasticell is a privately held biotechnology company using novel stem cell culture and drug discovery platforms to produce regenerative small molecule drugs.
Pluristem Life Systems Inc.
Specializing initially in hematopoietic stem cells and developing expansion from umbilical cord blood using its proprietary bioreactor and 3-D technology platform. Includes investor data and overview of company in Haifa, Israel.
Primogenix, Inc.
Offers isolation, validation, differentiation, electroporation and mouse chimera production, using standard embryonic murine strains, transgenic or knockout models. Contact in USA.
Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC
Commercialization of cellular therapies, with cGMP-compliant manufacturing and consulting in validation, processing, storage and transportation. Facilities in Hackensack, New Jersey and Mountain View, California.
ReNeuron Ltd.
Developing somatic transplantation technology for diabetes, neuronal degeneration and therapy for brain damage including stroke, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease. Overview of company in Guildford, England.
Stem Cell Digest
Provides summaries of relevant research in lay terms, categorized by type and disease. Also provides financial summaries of sector companies.
Stem Cure
Center for reproductive medicine and stem cell therapy in India. Provides a clinic profile and information on the therapeutic services available for various disorders.
Stemcell Technologies
Develops and sells kits and reagents for selection, media for enrichment, as well as offering contract assays, proficiency testing and training. Includes international laboratories, headquartered from Vancouver, Canada.
StemCells, Inc.
Researches, develops, and markets cell-based therapies. Includes, with details of clinical trials information for investors, and profile of company in Palo Alto, California.
Stemedica Cell Technologies Inc.
Biopharmaceutical company developing adult stem cell products for current pre-clinical and future clinical studies in the United States and for on-going pre-clinical and clinical studies internationally.
TriStem Corp.
Research and development of retrodifferentiation technology, used to create stem cells from mature adult cells. Includes technological and corporate overview, with FAQ and contacts in London, UK.
Vet-Stem, Inc.
Offers isolation and concentration from a sample of fat for treatment of injuries to tendons, ligaments, and fractures in performance horses. Includes explanation, case studies, news, description of services for horse owners and veterinarians, with contacts in Poway, California.
ViaCell, Inc.
Developing therapies for the treatment of bone defects and myocardial regeneration, utilizing somatic stem cells isolated from cord blood. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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