Organized collections of links to internet resources related to biotechnology topics.

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Searchable database listings for companies, universities, and events. Includes featured articles, industry news and suggested book readings.
123 Biotech Portal
Knowledgebase with articles, blogs and industry news.
Argos Biotech
Information-driven directory and portal for the life sciences community. Maintained in Tubingen, Germany.
Bio Ontario
Resource for biotechnology information, including companies, biomedical and genomic research, incubation, venture capital and technology transfer.
Bio Space
Features industry and research center news. Also has a career center and a list of areas with a concentration of businesses in the field. Includes resource links.
Bio Supply Net
Searchable database of biotechnology products and companies that supply them. Includes contact information.
Bio Wisdom
Database of research and development news in the biopharmaceutical field. Must sign up to use.
Biosafety Clearing-House
BCH is an international portal to exchange information on GMOs. Parties to the protocol are legally required to provide accurate and timely information to their databases. Operates in six languages as a United Nations Environment Program.
Bioscience Technology
Lists products for life science, bioscience, and biotechnology disciplines. Organized by function.
Biotechnology Regulatory Services
BRS regulates permits for field testing, movement within the USA, notification of genetically engineered organism import, and assesses their agricultural and environmental safety. Includes programs administered from USDA, Riverdale, Maryland.
Evelexa BioResources
Membership-based resource for biotechnology entrepreneurs, offering useful information on starting a biotech company.
French Biotech Database
Resource for life science companies in France. Includes announcements of events, meetings and login for further details.
Directory of international and Czech biotechnology projects, organisations, jobs, books, news and links.
I Am Biotech
A place for biotech employees and enthusiasts to discuss industry news, network, and share the promise of biotech.
Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre
Aims to provide resources, to increase public awareness of biotechnology, to support the government’s efforts to develop biotechnology and to make information accessible to everyone.
Thomson Reuters Recap
Analysis and advice on biopharmaceutical business development for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, universities, investment banking, and venture firms.
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