Organizations or companies that primarily provide services in the bioinformatics arena.
AKos Consulting and Solutions GmbH
Consulting in the areas of drug development, drug target screening and candidate selection.
AMITA Databases
Front-line and back-end bio-database development services for bioinformatics projects: design and maintenance of public sequence repositories, commercial data mining applications of molecular biology databases, automated data mirroring, database conversion.
Amplicon Express
DNA Sequencing Services, Custom BAC Library Construction, Bioinformatic Services, cDNA Library Construction and Functional Genomics Services.
Applied Maths
Develops professional bioinformatics applications and services with emphasis on data integration, platform technology and networking.
The Biotechnology Center, UIUC
BTC provides cutting-edge genomics research services for academic and commercial research projects
Centient Consulting, Inc.
Business, science and technology consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that utilize genomic and proteomic based drug discovery.
Evolutionary BioInformatics
Bioinformatics/genomics consultancy with expertise in comparative genomics and model organisms for target development and biological understanding.
Expression Analysis, Inc.
Provides high quality processing and data analysis services using the Affymetrix GeneChip microarray technology.
GenoSplice Technology
Provides bioinformatics services, analyzing data from expression microarrays and developing solutions for next generation techniques such as high-throughput sequencing.
Provider of medical transcription and health information management solutions.
Integrative BioInformatics
Integrative BioInformatics is a biotech consulting firm with expertise in computational biology. It specializes in bringing its software solutions to bear on complex biological and data analysis problems.
ITC Software: Advanced Information Technology Solutions
Provides a wide range of software development services to individual researchers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.
Life Sciences Consulting
Tribiosys is a professional services company providing life sciences solutions to the bio pharmaceutical industry.
NovaMechanics Ltd: Chemoinformatics and Bioinformatics Solutions
Consulting and contract research biopharmaceutical company committed to the computer aided design of small-molecule medicines.
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