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2bind GmbH
Offers nanoDSF and microscale thermophoresis services. Provides information about bioanalytical services, assays, and technology.
Offers contract DNA sequencing services, including next gen sequencing and genotyping. Provides information on sequencing technology and service details.
Altogen Labs
Preclinical contract research company (CRO) providing GLP-compliant laboratory services, including stable cell line development, in vivo toxicology studies, RNAi services, ELISA assay development, IC-50, xenograft animal models and microorganism DNA sequencing.
Arvys Proteins
Arvys Proteins is a contract research organization offering protein biochemistry services. Provides custom protein services description (production, expression, purification, characterization) and company contact information.
Biaffin GmbH & Co KG
Offers biomolecular interaction analysis, with a state of the art biosensor based on surface plasmon resonance. Details of sensor chip, immobilisation, detection, applications, and assay development offered from Kassel, Germany.
Bio-Synthesis Inc.
Custom organic synthesis, antibodies, DNA, peptides and bioconjugates from Lewisville, Texas.
A global protein engineering and evolution company offering research and development services to customers.
Biologics Corp
Recombinant protein manufacturer and provider of protein expression services. Provides product support information and services description, online ordering system and contact information.
Biology Services
Pre-clinical contract research organisations (CRO) providing biology lab services, R&D, consulting, and bioinformatics services.
Specializes in the application of directed molecular evolution, through site-directed mutagenesis to improve enzymes and therapeutic proteins. Technological overview and profile of facilities south of Paris, in France.
Biosimilar Trials Successful Biosimilar Research Biosimilars
Distributor of medications and biosimilar products for clinical trials. Provides information about biosimilars research, associated clinical trials and study results.
CD Genomics
Provider of next generation sequencing contract services, genotyping, and cDNA library construction. Information about the company, services offered, and applications.
Provides carbon 14 radiosynthesis, radiolabeling, stable isotope labeling and medicinal chemistry services.
Cofactor Genomics
Life sciences contract research organization that provides full genome sequencing services and associated bioinformatics analysis. Provides information about the sequencing technology and service details, company news, events and contact information.
Columbia Biosciences
Develops and manufactures fluorescent proteins, antibody conjugates, streptavidin conjugates and protein purification ligands. Offers contract research services for protein conjugation, modification, and protein purification.
Manufacturer of biological compounds called biosimilars. Provides product support information, technology description, and list services including cell culture and protein production.
CyberGene AB
Services includes oligonucleotide synthesis, DNA sequencing, genotyping, gene expression analysis and bioinformatics from Sweden.
Dalton Chemical Laboratories Inc.
Research and manufacturing group specializing in synthetic chemistry of small molecules, peptides, oligos and sterile fill, to GMP and non-GMP standards, in Toronto, Canada.
Danzyme Laboratory
Offers consulting and laboratory services in purification and characterization of enzymes and enzyme inhibitors as well as development of enzyme assays and spot tests.
deCode Genetics
Offers genotyping service, focusing on common diseases to develop new drugs and diagnostics from population resources based in Reykjavik, Iceland.
DNA Analysis LLC
Provider of automated DNA sequencing services and fragment analysis CRO services. Include description of genetic services, sample submission guidelines, and troubleshooting guide.
DNA Core Facility
Offering automated DNA sequencing, custom oligonucleotide synthesis, and human and mouse microarray assays to outside institutions, from Massachusetts General Hospital, Cambridge.
Entelechon GmbH
Offers custom DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, synthetic genes, protein expression, bioinformatics, through secure ordering from Regensburg, Germany.
Offers integrated services, assay development and screening, fragment-based drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and ADMET and zebrafish screening.
Exon BioSystems
San Diego based contract research and production services company specializing in recombinant protein expression, protein purification and protein characterization.
Specialists in DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, genomic and monoclonal antibody services.
GTP Technology
Offers a set of customized services to assist research investigators from gene cloning to protein purification, specializing in expression and engineering of recombinant proteins. Located in Labege, France.
Intidyn: Integrated Tissue Dynamics
Undertakes systems-oriented analysis of the molecular structure and chemistry of tissues, such as the skin, under normal and pathological conditions. Aims to translate systems-based molecular research into more effective preventative and therapeutic strategies.
Lark Technologies
Offers GLP facility for contract and analytical services in DNA sequencing, genotyping and genetically modified organism testing for recombinant technologies. Corporate and investors' overview, and ordering from Europe and their base in Houston, TX.
Provides custom peptide synthesis, GMP peptide synthesis, antibody services, peptide, antibody, and pharmaceutical compounds, solid phase synthesis, resins and molecular biology services.
Macrogen Clinical Laboratory
Offers genetic sequencing services using CLI-SEQ technology. Provides information about technology, genome services and capillary sequencing.
MicroMed Laboratories
Environmental monitoring and certification services for cleanrooms. Provide ISO certified biocompatibility testing for medical devices and reusable devices.
Molecular Research Center, Inc.
RNA and DNA isolation reagents, oligo dT columns, hybridization reagents and other molecular biology reagents designed by P. Chomczynski, Cincinnati, OH.
Contract research organization that specializes in custom recombinant protein production for pharmaceutical and biotechnology research companies.
Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.
Develops and markets gene recognition technology using zinc finger DNA-binding proteins transcription factors, for controlly gene expression, cell function and in validation of drug targets at Richmond, CA.
Offers DNA sequencing services for all major template types including plasmids, M13 clones and PCR products.
Sierra Bioresearch
Offers analog and modified nucleoside mono, di and tri phosphates including custom synthesis from customer supplied nucleosides. Also offers contract biotechnology research and consulting, including antiviral and anti cancer drug design.
SpectraCell Laboratories
Specializing in wellness and nutritional testing and vitamin analysis, focusing on cardiovascular risk factors and deficiencies in essential micronutrients, using patented FIA technology in Houston, TX.
Triclinic Labs
Contract research organization offering pharmaceutical solid-state screening and selection services, analytical chemistry and materials characterization. Provides information about the company, case studies, and service description.
Biotechnology company providing an innovative functional genomic platform based on viral vector technologies.
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