Sites offering or presenting software to be used in research on the processes related to the central dogma of molecular biology: transcription from DNA to mRNA, splicing, translation to polypeptides, processing of the polypeptides (specific proteolysis, conjugation to carbohydrates, lipids and prosthetic groups) and the control mechanisms involved.

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Advaita Bioinformatics
Developer of gene pathway analysis software for analysis of genes, ontology, pathways, miRNAs, diseases, SNPs, and drugs. Provide information about iPathway software technology.
Downloadable package integrating database, oligo ordering, DNA and protein analysis programs from Konstanz, Germany.
Chang Bioscience
Microarray analysis, lab inventory, and primer sequence database tools from San Francisco, California.
Software for Analysis of Protein and Nucleic-acid Sequences.
DNA Software
Company selling software intended for molecular biology.
Develops sequence analysis software for molecular biology.
Easana GenoSplice
Alternative splicing and transcripts database that gathers several bioinformatic tools aiming to study expression of the human gene products.
Gene Kinetics
Software for transcription and cell cycle genes, providing peak intervals, max values as a function of decay of gene-activating principle, inhibitory mRNA, gene amplification, anabolic capacity and proteolysis.
Software and services for life science, particularly for microbial genomics, in Chicago, Illinois.
Improved Outcomes Software Inc.
Offers programs and custom development for the visualization, analysis and classification of gene expression and proteomics data, image-guided surgery and information technology. Based in Inverary, Ontario.
Koada Technology
Supplies software for automated analysis and quantification of microarray images.
MB DNA Analysis
Program for statistical analysis and evaluation of the biological significance from microarray data. Includes key features, registration and download for Windows and Linux.
Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequence Analysis Software
From the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.
Oligo Software
Consensus, multiplex and degenerate primers, oligonucleotide database, secondary structure and difficult sequencing for researchers in PCR and related technologies. Developed since 1989, by Molecular Biology Insights Inc.
PGEToolbox: A Matlab Toolbox for Population Genetics and Evolution
PGEToolbox enables population genetists to manipulate DNA polymorphism sequences and SNPs, compute basic statistics of sequence variation, and carry out neutrality tests.
Premier Biosoft International
Developers of software for real time PCR primer design, TaqMan, molecular beacons, DNA microarray analysis, drawing restriction plasmid maps, gateway cloning experiments, protein interaction network and functional genomics.
Supplies software to explore and analyze microarray gene expression data sets, in Lund, Sweden.
Redasoft Corp.
Makers of restriction enzyme database program, to design cloning experiments and produce high resolution graphics of plasmid maps and alignments. Includes corporate details of company in Bradford, Ontario.
The Ribosome Builder Project
A software project to simulate the ribosome.
A program for RNA secondary structure calculation and analysis under 32-bit Microsoft Windows.
Score Comets
Site introducing the comet assay, including equipment needed, hints and tips along with information on the Comet Assay IV software scoring system.
Short Time-series Expression Miner
Freeware for clustering, comparing, and visualizing short time series gene expression data, maintained at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.
Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
Develops data analysis and visualization software for microarray gene expression data from its base in Bangalore, India.
VisuMap helps to viusalize and undertstand high dimensional by a collection of clustering and mapping algorithms, and many dynamically linked data views.
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