Sites offering reagents for research in gene expression.

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Abgent develops primary antibodies and provides custom peptide synthesis and antibody development. Supplies antibodies including protein kinase, cytokine, immunohistochemistry, cancer and apoptosis antibodies for research.
Altogen Biosystems
Manufactures transfection reagents for research use, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Applied Biological Materials
Manufacturer and distributor of PCR reagents and supplies. Provides adeno- and lentivirus constructs and associated cloning products.
ATCGbio Life Technology
Provide RNAi products and services for viral mediated RNAi. Offers product support and ordering information.
Biomyx Technology
Supplies products for post-translational gene inhibition and protein expression studies, in San Diego, California.
Cambio Ltd.
UK distributor of biomedical research supplies. Includes quiz. Yelling, Cambridgeshire.
Centic Biotec
Offers plasmid-DNA purification systems and full length gene and oligonucleotide synthesis. Delmenhorst, Germany.
Clontech Laboratories, Inc.
Develops, produces and markets cloning, purification, reporter and protein interaction systems. Includes online catalog, with MSDS database, technical support and international contacts, based at Mountain View, California.
Edge BioSystems
Supplies DNA and PCR purification products, cDNA libraries and protein expression systems, from Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Developer of innovative technologies for epigenetic-related products, with portfolio of proprietary products, including DNA modification and chromatin immunoprecipitation kits, in New York, USA.
Products and custom services for DNA research: fluorecent proteins, cDNA normalization, cDNA subtraction and DNA synthesis. Headquarters in Moscow, Russia.
GeneCraft GmbH.
Biotechnology company in Lüdinghausen, Germany.
Genomed GmbH.
Products to isolate and purify DNA. Distributes under own label worldwide, in Löhne, Germany.
GenScript Corp.
Offers peptide, oligo, protein expression, custom gene synthesis, vector-based siRNA construct and cassettes, microarray and bioinformatics design. Includes online tools, ordering, and contacts in Piscataway, NJ, USA.
Hongene Biotech, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of nucleosides, nucleotides, modified nucleosides and nucleotides as well as organic chemicals and custom products to the biotech and pharmaceutical companies, in Shanghai, China.
Kreatech FISH probes
Tools for labeling and detection of DNA, RNA and proteins, from Leica BioSystems.
LC Sciences
Amino acids and peptide coupling reagents, biochips and microarray chips, polypeptide and DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, custom testing and synthesis, in Houston, TX, USA.
MO BIO Laboratories, Inc.
MO BIO offers kits for DNA or RNA isolation for plasmid, soil, plant, blood, bacteria, tissue, mouse tails, water and others. In Carlsbad, California, USA.
Molecular Beacons
Hybridization probes for detection of nucleic acids in homogeneous solutions. Includes protocol for synthesis and characterization, bibliography with PDF papers, technology and probe licensing, and contacts in Newark, New Jersey, USA. From: Public Health Research Institute Center, Newark, NJ, USA.
MultiTarget Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer of AquaPlasmid, a system for the isolation of pure plasmid DNA. The procedure is simpler than alkaline lysis, but the DNA prep is purer than those purified by anion exchange columns, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
New England Biolabs
Offers restriction endonucleases, recombinant enzymes and reagents for chemiluminscence labeling, RNA inference, DNA synthesis, sequencing and mutagenesis. International contacts, with headquarters in Ipswich, MD, USA.
Provider of reagents, consumables and instruments microarray analysis, molecular and cell biology. Offers product support information for consumables and equipment.
Measurement tools for gene, protein and cellular function, in Fremont, CA, USA.
Phylogeny Inc.
Offers customized in situ hybridization probe design, rodent phenotyping and tissue procurement. Includes gallery of images, and profile of company located in Columbus, Ohio.
Plasmid collection
Catalog of new plasmids available, with links to research bibliography at Department of Molecular Biology, University of Ghent, Belgium.
Polyplus Transfection
Develops, manufactures and markets modular transfection reagents. Expertise includes in vitro and in vivo gene, oligonucleotide and siRNA delivery, transient and stable cell transfection, automation and protein production in animal cells. In San Marcos, CA, USA and Illkirch, France.
Proteintech Group Inc.
Offers cDNA in expression vectors, from plasmid and fusion proteins, including customized antibodies. Lists publications, includes catalog searchable on clones, company profile and support from Chicago, IL, USA.
Sigma Life Science Custom Products
Offering online ordering of custom designed and assembled genes, to exact specifications, as well as oligo probes and primers, peptides, antisera, DNA arrays.
Techulon Inc
Develops and sells biodegradable transfection reagents for cell research and genetic therapy development.
Zymo Research Corporation
Kits for DNA, RNA, and Methylation detection, extraction, and purification for PCR and sequencing.
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