Aurora is the optical manifestation of energetic particles that penetrate a planet's atmosphere from the space above the atmosphere. Aurora occurs on both hemispheres on Earth at high latitudes, but is also found on other planets.

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Alaska Science Forum: Aurora
Large article archive by a variety of authors offering explanations of phenomena related to aurora.
Asahi Aurora Classroom
Provides plenty of information on the aurora including how and where to see it, FAQ, myths, images and scientific facts.
Aurora Borealis Page
Includes various image galleries, tips on spotting the lights, an FAQ, and related links.
Aurora Borealis Photo
Offers prints for sale by Fairbanks, Alaska-based photographer Jack Finch. Galleries are organized by type and color.
Aurora Gallery
Photos from many photographers and places, sorted by auroral event.
Aurora November 2001
Pictures taken during the big storm on 5 November, 2001, in Iowa.
The Aurora Page
Offers an aurora forecast, related links, and image galleries.
Auroral Acoustics
Project to study the sounds and acoustical effects related to geomagnetic storms and aurora borealis.
Auroral Particles and Imagery
Stories, data from DMSP satellite, movies from space, links and publications, from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
Auroras : Presented by the Exploratorium
Guide to the Northern and Southern Lights. News, NASA images, forecasts, and background on the aurora.
Auroras Now!
Shows images from an all-sky camera operated by the Sodankylä geophysical observatory in Finland. Part of the ESA Space Weather Applications Pilot Project.
AuroraWatch UK
Image gallery and explanations with updated solar activity chart.
Automatic Geophysical Observatories
All-sky images and keagrams from South Pole.
Borealis 2000
Photo gallery of aurora borealis, meteor showers, and planetary alignments hosted by photographer Dirk Obudzinski. Includes news and sky forecasts.
Comparative Aeronomy in the Solar System
Workshop, discussion group, links for topics related to aurora on other planets in the solar system.
Fast Auroral SnapshoT Explorer (FAST)
Polar orbiting satellite for auroral studies.
Home of the Northern Lights
Image Gallery of aurora photos, instruction and tips for taking auroral photos
How to Find and Photograph Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
Describes equipment, techniques, prediction of visibility. Includes a brief description of the phenomenon and some photographs.
Hubble Images of Jupiter's Aurora
Jupiter's auroral emissions and small auroral spots associated with the flux tube of jovian satellites.
Jupiter's Aurora
Images taken by the Galileo spacecraft.
Kjell Henriksen Observatory
Optical observatory on Svalbard (Spitzbergen), associated with University of Alaska and University of Tromsø. Includes information about how to get there, data and observarions, and the history of the observatory.
Latest IMAGE-WIC (wide-band imaging camera) image
Real-time images of the entire auroral oval from space.
Museum of Time
Time lapse photography of aurora (Netherlands).
Neptune Aurora
There is even aurora on Neptune.
NOAA POES (Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite)
Real-time auroral activity derived from satellite.
Painted sky: the aurora
Image gallery of auroral photos from the ground, from space, and graphics related to aurora.
Polar Visible Imaging Investigations/Visible Imaging System
Real-time images from space, gallery of movies, data, instrument description.
Proton Precipitation into the Atmosphere
Workshops, discussion group, links.
Rice Space Institute Outreach
Links to educational space weather pages, including the "Museums Teaching Planet Earth".
Saturn's Aurora
High quality Hubble Space Telescope images.
Secrets of the Polar Aurora
Detailed overview of the polar aurora, including where to see it, its causes, its relation to solar and interplanetary phenomena, the type of light, artificial auroras.
Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
Observations and research related to northern lights, aeronomy, atmospheric chemistry, and related science.
Sondrestrom Research Facility
Auroral observatory with a large complement of instruments (including incoherent scatter radar) on the west coast of Greenland.
Tromsø Auroral Observatory
Articles about the Aurora and the Geomagnetic Field. [Norwegian, English, German]
Uranus Aurora
Explanation of how aurora is different on Uranus
Yukon Aurora Forecast
Predictions updated every 15 minutes for the Yukon-Alaska area.
The Northern Lights
Documentary video examining the phenomenon of the northern lights or aurora borealis. (November 01, 2001)
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