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AAS Solar Physics Division
[Greenbelt, Md] Members, organization, news, meetings, contacts.
Explains the phenomenon - the Sun's apparent path in the sky - including simple animations.
The Analemma Project
An analemma photograph is featured with a detailed description of how it was created.
Birmingham Solar Oscillations Network
Who they are and what they do. Also includes background information, results, data.
Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center
Based at NASA/GSFC. Includes sections about the Sun, the cosmic rays and the history of its study.
Current Solar Data
Offers real time images and observations of the Sun from a variety of ground and space sources.
Current Solar Data
An unofficial archive of NOAA solar data.
Find My Shadow
Calculates sun position and plots shadows cast by the sun over any chosen location, with drawing tools to construct your own scene and automatically plot the shadow results.
Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM)
Offers documents and overview from a series of projects with focus on magnetosphere studies.
Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG)
Extensive information about the group and the project, which aims to conduct a detailed study of solar internal structure and dynamics using helioseismology.
How Stuff Works: Sun
In-depth illustrated description of the Sun, its surface, atmosphere, sunspots, solar prominences and solar flares.
The Michelson Doppler Imager
Provides results and science of an experiment flown on the SOHO spacecraft to study solar oscillations.
NASA/Marshall Solar Physics
The Solar Physics Branch of Marshall Space Flight Center's (MSFC) Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) is composed of 15 scientists involved in various studies of the physics of the Sun.
The Nine Planets: Sun
General information, some statistical data and links.
Rotation of the Sun
Electronic book with technical information about the sun and the solar system.
Solar Images from SDAC
Daily pictures from the SOHO and Yohkoh space platforms, the US National Solar Observatory, and the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory.
Stanford Solar Center
Presents a collection of educational activities based on Solar Oscillations Investigation (SOI) and Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) data.
Sun Position Calculator
Calculates Sun azimuth and altitude for a given location and date.
Views of the Solar System: Sun
Pictures, animations, general information and data.
The Virtual Sun
Virtual tour of the sun which uses images, diagrams, and movies to illustrate subjects such as solar wind, solar flares, the solar surface and sunspots.
Windows to the Universe: Sun
Overview including general information, data, pictures, news, historical and mythological background.
YPOP Tour of the Sun
Educational information about the Sun.

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