A meteor is an event, not just an object. It happens when small pebble (a meteoroid) enters our atmosphere and burns up. Any pieces that reach the ground are called meteorites. Meteoroids are distinguished from asteroids by being too small to cause much damage at ground level, if they were to hit the Earth.

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1908 Siberia Explosion: Reconstructing an Asteroid Impact from Eyewitness Accounts
Descriptions of the Tunguska impact event. Researched, written, and illustrated by William K. Hartmann.
Cloudbait Observatory - Fireballs
Fireball and meteor descriptions, reporting information, data on fireballs over Colorado.
Great Lakes Great Fire Meteorite
New evidence links the simultaneous fires in Chicago, Peshtigo, and the entire Central portion of Michigan (from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron) to a meteorite fall.
The Infography about Meteor Showers
Online and print resources recommended by an expert who specializes in research about meteor showers.
Jupiter Scientific: Leonids Meteor Shower
What to expect, how to observe and history of the shower.
Jupiter Scientific: The Perseid Meteors
Information, observation and history. Updated yearly in July.
Major Meteor Showers in 2010
Main showers dates, when to watch and the phase of the moon.
Meteor Observing Calendar
A concise listing of all meteor showers that can be seen throughout the year.
NASA's Leonid Multi-Instrument Aircraft Campaign
Offers news, images and reports by a team observing meteor storms such as the Leonids and Perseids.
Observing Meteor Showers
A guide to when to look for meteors.
University of Western Ontario: Meteor Physics Group
Includes information on research activities.
Views of the Solar System: Meteoroids and Meteorites
General information, data, pictures. Also features educator's guides to micrometeorites, impact craters and space debris.
Wikipedia: Meteor
Encyclopedia article. Definitions, meteor showers, fireballs.
Sandia National Laboratories - Extraordinary meteor flash captured
Images and description of a bright meteor event on August 15, 1999, recorded by an all-sky camera at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (September 10, 1999)

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