Asteroids are smaller than planets, bigger than meteoroids, and they don't have the tail or fuzzy appearance that a comet does. "Minor planet" is a technical term for asteroid.

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Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers: Minor Planets Section
Photometry and shape modeling program, magnitude alert project, finder charts, visual observing of minor planets.
Asteroid Articles
Archive of articles posted at the Planetary Science Research Discoveries site at the University of Hawaii.
Asteroid Fact Sheet
Provides a table of information on selected asteroids.
Asteroid Groups
Graphs and animations showing major asteroid groups and families.
Asteroid Observing Services from Lowell Observatory
Tools to help observers select targets and plan observations. Also, orbital elements, reference star catalog data and software, link to Lowell Observatory Near Earth Object Search (LONEOS).
Asteroid Radar Research
NASA JPL asteroid research using radar. Introduction, scientific activity, asteroid images.
Common questions.
From the Uppsala Planetary System Group. Overview, research projects, discoveries.
Chart showing relative sizes, distance from the sun, inclination/eccentricity, shape, and color. Other charts showing position in the solar system. Summary data.
Asteroids with Satellites
Lists of known or suspected asteroids with satellites. Also history, graphs, links.
Asteroids: Their History
Information on the study of these objects orbiting the sun.
Bill Bottke's Asteroid Research
Collisions, tidal disruption, dynamics, planetary impacts, crater chains and doublet craters.
Dan Durda's Research Interests
Airborne observations, Vulcanoids, various asteroid collision effects.
Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy: Asteroids
Dynamical groups of asteroids, mathematical formulas, the Tunguska event.
European Asteroid Research Node
Association of European research groups active in asteroid research. Links to member sites and resources useful for asteroid research.
Introduction to Asteroids
Covers history, asteroid composition, Earth collisions.
Minor Planet Groups and Families
Listing and description of dynamical groups and physical families of asteroids.
Minor Planet Observer
Lightcurve collaboration, physical studies, software, Palmer Divide Observatory.
Minor Planets
Offers updated alphabetical list of minor planet names.
News on Hilda Asteroids
A review of current knowledge of this dynamical group. Overview, low eccentricity Hildas, the Schubart family, numbered Hildas of the Palomar-Leiden survey.
Nine Planets: Asteroids
Overview of current scientific knowledge of asteroids.
Physical studies of asteroids at Poznan Observatory
Light curves, database of asteroid spin vectors.
Small Main-Belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey II
Data sets and references to scientific literature describing results.
Solar System Exploration: Asteroids
Basic description, overview of asteroid science.
Views of the Solar System: Asteroid Introduction
Background information, details on selected asteroids, image gallery.
Wikipedia: Asteroid
Encyclopedia article covers history, groups of asteroids, spectral types. Tables of largest and notable asteroids.
Windows to the Universe: Asteroids
Description, data on selected asteroids, images.

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