This category is for sites featuring astronomical information about the Moon's phases and their observation, as well as charts or programs for calculating the phase of the Moon.

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The Moon: It's Just a Phase It's Going Through
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific's detailed explanations of the Moon's phases, including positions of the Moon in southern and northern hemispheres during its different phases and the times of day each phase is visible.
Astronomical calendar
On-line calculator for Moon/Sun Rise/Set, moon phase, sidereal time and Julian day.
Correct Time and Moon Phase
From the atomic clock at the United States Naval Observatory. Also allows the user to view the phase of the Moon for any date and time [1800-2199 A.D].
Moon Phases
Information and Perl script to calculate moon phases including phase illumination age distances angular diameter new/full moon calculation
Moonstick Information Site
Describes a slide rule Moon phase calendar accurate over 8000 years into the past or future, and provides other methods of computing astronomical information.
Phase of Moon
Displays the phase of the Moon in a browser window, with times of last and next Full Moon and New Moon.
Phases of the Moon and Percent of the Moon Illuminated
Pictures, animations, and brief comments.
StarChild Moonlight Madness
NASA's Star Child site page that describes the phases of the Moon. Ends with a test to identify the eight Moon phases and their order.
The UnMuseum's Ponzo and the Moon
Explains why the Ponzo Illusion makes the Moon appear larger when near the horizon.
Xphoon sets the X-Windows root window image to a picture of the Moon in its current phase.
Sky & Telescope: Greek Marathon Dated from Phase of Moon
Describes how astronomers used phase of Moon calculations and ancient Greek religious festivals to date the original Marathon run. (July 20, 2004)
Sky & Telescope: Dating van Gogh's Moonrise
Article identifying the exact date and time of van Gogh's Moonrise painting, based on Moon phase calculations. (June 02, 2003)
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