Eclipses occur when a planet casts a shadow on a satellite or vice-versa. The term often refers specifically to eclipses of the Sun and Moon, in which case the planet involved is Earth.

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All about Solar Eclipses
Provides a description of the different types of solar eclipse and a table with information on upcoming eclipses.
Articles on ancient observations
A list of hyperlinks to various articles on eclipses, comets, novae, and meteor showers that were seen in ancient times.
Brian Dana Akers' Eclipse Photos
Solar eclipse photographs from 1972 to the present.
Eclipse Chaser Home Page
Total solar eclipse articles, expeditions, experiments, umbral data, and images.
Eclipse Chasers
Eclipse chasing history, about solar eclipses, photography of eclipses, and a gallery of images.
Personal webpage devoted to the experience and phenomena of total solar eclipse.
Windows software for generating eclipse maps for solar eclipses from 3000BC to 3000AD Eclipse
Information on solar and lunar eclipses, what they are, how to observe safely, statistics and recent and future eclipses.
Homepage of Heinz Scsibrany
Eclipse chaser and author of WinEclipse - Windows software for producing eclipse maps and animations
How Solar Eclipses Work
Illustrated explanation of what happens during a solar eclipse and how you can observe this event safely.
IAU Eclipse Page
International Astronomical Union's Working group on solar eclipses. Contains reference materials, expedition reports, and useful links.
Kidseclipse: Total Solar Eclipse
Teaches children the wonders of astronomy through total solar eclipses. Essays from kids worldwide, teach section for classrooms, and gallery of past eclipses.
Mark's Travel Notes
Mark Sukhija provides eclipse specific travel advice and includes information on several upcoming eclipses.
Detailed explanations and information about observing and photographing both solar and lunar eclipses.
SDAC Eclipse Information
Solar eclipse information at the Solar Data Analysis Center (NASA).
Shadow & Substance
A visual presentation of lunar eclipses by way of animated and static graphics.
Sky & Telescope
Lists recent and upcoming eclipses of the sun and moon and provides suggestions for observing and photographing the events.
Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Solar and lunar eclipses reports from 1999, interactive maps over five millennium, scouting trips, pictures and future eclipse tours. French and English.
Solar Eclipse: Stories From the Path of Totality
From The Exploratorium; stories focusing on the science, historical accounts, and natural wonder of solar eclipses.
Solar Eclipses
Outlines how eclipses happen and provides images and information on past and future events.
Wendy Carlos Eclipse Page
Images and accounts of eclipses by musician Wendy Carlos.

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