Amateur astronomy groups (clubs, associations, informal gatherings) in Oceania.
Astronomical Society of Melbourne
Mission to advance astronomical observation and visual observation through events, activities such as public viewing nights and amateur telescope making.
The Astronomical Society of New South Wales
Mission to bring people together and to promote public interest and education, and contains photo galleries, news, events, schedules, articles, and a library.
Astronomical Society of Victoria
Includes activities, events, light pollution issues, images, past articles, and library.
Astronomical Society of Western Australia
General information, diary, activities, the sky tonight, public astronomy, sidereal times, and photographs.
AstroSoc - Flinders University Astronomical Society
Contains events, newsletter, and gallery.
Day 4 - The Universe from a Christian Perspective
An Internet-based hub in Australia for Christian astronomers, both professional and amateur, Association of Christian Astronomers International.
MacArthur Astronomical Society
Basic information, getting started, news, events, and achievements.
Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society
Public nights, benefits, gallery, 3D anaglyphs of The Briars, and observatory information.
Newcastle Astronomical Society
Provides information on the society, becoming a member, the newsletter, meetings and activities. At Callaghan, NSW, Australia.
Northern Sydney Astronomical Society
Contains news, observation nights, book reviews, gallery, articles, and magazine.
The Phoenix Astronomical Society
Notice board, membership, observing schedule, meetings, images, history, and council members.
Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand
General information, the sky, and future events.
South East Queensland Astronomical Society
Events, urban observers group, school field nights, field night, astrocamps, etiquette, equipment log book, galleries, and links.
Sutherland Astronomical Society
Offers deep sky, planetary and variable star observing, occultations, grazes and eclipses, photography and CCD imaging, and public education courses.
Sydney City SkyWatchers
Meetings, activities, observing sections, bulletin, committee, skywatch, skycharts, and membership details..
Wellington Astronomical Society
Information for everyone, gallery, notices, calendar, documents, meetings, observing, and local astronomy.
Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group
Information on the group, membership, events calendar, FAQ and links.
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