This category lists sites specifically for groups of amateur astronomy located in United Kingdom.

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Aberdeen Astronomical Society
News and events, gallery, and sky notes.
Abingdon Astronomical Society
Program, news, newsletter, library, and telescope loan program.
Adur Astronomical Society
Includes profile, news, events, observer's diary, technical articles, membership information, and members' reviews and images.
Altrincham and District Astronomical Society
Information on membership, news, observing reports, with details of their equipment.
Association in Scotland to Research into Astronautics Ltd (ASTRA)
Membership information, with events and meeting schedule.
Association of Falkirk Astronomers
Provides observing, newsletter, glossary, quotations, and gallery.
Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Amateur astronomy club, who run the City Observatory at the Calton Hill. Information about membership, meetings, events and their history.
The Astronomical Society of Glasgow
Information about membership, events and meetings, their library, and a monthly guide to the night sky.
Events, galleries, past papers, and links.
Beckington Astronomical Society
Amateur astronomy society for new and experienced amateur astronomers. Provides observing information and details about the society including meetings and events.
Bedford Astronomical Society
Provides legacy, events, and images.
Blackpool and District Astronomical Society
Information about a group of enthusiastic amateur astronomers, with news, meeting and events listing, members' photos, and monthly star charts.
Border Astronomical Society
A history of this group of amateur astronomers, with events listing, membership details, and photo gallery.
Bradford Astronomical Society
Meetings, events, observing information, what's new section, and sale items.
Breckland Astronomical Society
Information about membership, observation sessions and meetings, their education activities, with newsletters and a collection of photos.
Bridgend Astronomical Society
Information about meetings and membership, with a collection of photos.
Callington Community Astronomy Group
News, events, planner, observing information, gallery, forum, and space centre site.
Cambridge Astronomical Association and Cambridge Young Astronomers
Cater for all levels of interest in astronomy from absolute beginners to experts; includes membership information, events listings, galleries, and newsletters.
Cardiff Astronomical Society
Information about observation sessions, meetings, with a monthly guide to the night sky; also offer profiles of their instruments.
Chesterfield Astronomical Society
A history of the society and their observatory, with news, events listing, and photo gallery.
Cody Astronomical Society
A group of employees (or retirees) on the Cody Technology park in Farnborough, Hampshire; information about their observatory, society, and events.
Coventry and Warwickshire Astronomical Society
Meetings, observations, publications, images, and notes.
Croydon Astronomical Society
Programs, FAQ, news, observations, support materials, and links.
Doncaster Astronomical Society
Includes images of Venus, diary, the sky during the seasons, constellations and stars, and photo album.
East Antrim Astronomical Society
Images, news, programs, newsletter, and resources.
East Sussex Astronomical Society
Observing sessions, speakers list, sky tonight, ISS and iridium flares, gallery, projects, and library.
Eastbourne Astronomical Society
Details of upcoming and past meetings and events, a newsletter, contact details and links.
Farnham Astronomical Association
Contact details, meeting venue and program, and a gallery of member's images.
Flamsteed Astronomy Society
An amateur astronomy society based at the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum in Greenwich; offers their programme, membership details, observing news, and calendar.
Guildford Astronomical Society
Active group of enthusiasts, promoting the enjoyment of astronomy in the community, with their own observatory; includes their history, meetings and events listing, and details of their facilities.
Hampshire Astronomical Group
Information about events, membership, with background articles on astronomy subjects; also includes details of their observatory at Clanfield.
Heart of England Astronomical Society
History of the group, with their events program, image gallery, and membership details.
Hebden Bridge Astronomy Society
Meetings, projects, magazines, classifieds, and calendar.
Helensburgh Astronomical Society
Information about membership, with an events diary and sky news.
Herschel Astronomical Society
An amateur group in Slough and Eton, meeting regularly and with their own observatory. Events calendar and photo galleries.
Highlands Astronomical Society
A group of enthusiasts who meet regularly in Inverness; events calendar, information about their equipment and projects, news, and monthly guide to the night sky.
Horsham Astronomy Group
Gallery, newsletters, meetings, and links.
Huddersfield Astronomical Society
Amateur club with an observatory with a 16" Meade telescope and offering a beginners course in astronomy. Includes profile, events programme, news, observation diary, course information, map and contact details.
Irish Astronomical Society
Provides news, meetings, publications, the sky, and gallery.
Knowle Astronomical Society
Meetings, sky notes, images, and links.
Letchworth and District Astronomical Society
Information about facilities, social and observation events, membership, and news.
Lincoln Astronomical Society
Information about this society including the history of its observatory, and a beginner's guide to astronomy.
Loughton Astronomical Society (LAS)
Offer their programme, details of observing activities and membership, and a history.
Mid Kent Astronomical Society
Details of their meetings and events, observing sessions at Canterbury Observatory, equipment loan, a night-sky calendar, and contact details.
Moray's Astronomy Club, Sigma
Information about membership, meetings and lectures, observation sessions, news, and contact details.
Northumberland Astronomical Society
Details of membership, with meetings schedule, newsletter, and location details.
Orpington Astronomical Society
Includes information on society membership, meetings, observation dates, and special events.
Orwell Astronomical Society (Ipswich)
Provides information on society and the observatory, history, events, public openings, articles, and observing information.
Reading Astronomical Society
News, observing information, events, programs, gallery and resources.
Salford Astronomical Society
Information about their programme and their observatory, with contact details.
Scarborough and Ryedale Astronomical Society
Information about a group of amateur astronomers, their observatory, activities, and events. Also includes a resource listing.
Sheffield Astronomical Society
News, meetings, projects, features and media.
Society for Popular Astronomy
Beginners advice, classifieds, observation tips, diary, and bulletins.
Solent Amateur Astronomers' Society
Information about membership, meetings and observation sessions, educational activities, and contact details. Also operates the Toothill Observatory.
South Downs Astronomical Society
News, newsletter, speakers, science matters, the sky, and campaign for dark skies.
South East Kent Astronomical Society
Information about membership, workshops and events, program of meetings, and light pollution.
South Lincs Astronomical and Geophysical Society
Information about the society, events and meetings programme, with a photo gallery.
South West Herts Astronomical Society
Meetings, events, special course, images, and observation log books.
Southampton Astronomical Society
Meeting and speaker schedule, and the Journal.
The Stratford upon Avon Astronomical Society
Newsletter, schedule, image and multimedia gallery, and astronomy tips.
Sunderland Astronomical Society
Society history, session dates, lectures, images, and links.
Swansea Astronomical Society
Information about programme, upcoming events, articles, and galleries.
Torbay Astronomical Society
Information about their events and meetings program, observatory, sky notes, and a photo gallery.
University of Birmingham Astronomical Society
Events, news, competitions, meetings, outreach, images, and documents.
University of St Andrews Astronomical Society
Information about the society and its activities, meetings, and research, with a collection of articles on amateur astronomy.
Wadhurst Astronomical Society
Information about the society, meeting schedule, and newsletters.
Wessex Astronomical Society
Origins of the society, meeting dates and speakers, and maps to locate the Allendale Centre and field sites.
West Yorkshire Astronomical Society (WYAS)
Promotes astronomy to all ages and particularly people with special needs; information about their observatory, equipment and facilities, journal, meetings and photo album.
Wiltshire Astronomical Society
Meetings, observing sessions, newsletter, and images.
Wolverhampton Astronomical Society
Information about membership, meetings, and the society's activities.
Worthing Astronomical Society
News, astro tools, diary, images, calendar, and links.
Wycombe Astronomical Society
News and society archive, newsletter, forum, sky map, and observing projects.
Wynward Woodland Park Planetarium and Observatory
Description of the planetarium and observatory, and their facilities and educational activities. A joint project between Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and the Cleveland and Darlington Astronomical Society.
The York Astronomical Society
Society news, meetings and events list, photo gallery and history.
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