Web sites for individuals who are new to astronomy, usually providing "how to" watch stars or what equipment is needed, or what to look for in the skies at night.

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The Heretic's Guide to Choosing and Buying your First Telescope
Information first-time telescope buyers with a detailed FAQ and suggested telescopes, vendors, books, videos, and software.
Amateur Astronomer's Notebook
Information on naked eye observations, first time telescope buyers, equipment and software reviews, and general information.
Ask the Astronomer
Archived questions about astronomy and space science especially for the beginner.
A beginner's guide to astronomy with emphasis on the solar system.
Astrocentral - Beginner's Guide to Astronomy
Information for beginners with an introduction to astronomy, starhopping, and first telescope.
The Astrogirl Homepage
Information on the sky, clubs, reading, astronomy basics, tips, software, astrophotography, and links.
Astronomy - An Introduction to Sky Watching
Booklet by Astronomical Society of South Australia that discusses activities, types of objects to observe, how to get started, and advanced activities.
Astronomy and Astrophotography for the Non-Gazillionaire
Designed for the amateur and beginner on a budget consisting of articles, gallery, and mission statement.
Astronomy for Beginners
Information on basics, equipment, what to see, astrophotography, and links.
The Astronomy Nexus
Information created or compiled that can be viewed in one place, and includes general information, 3D universe, encyclopedia of suns, gadget FAQ, virtual Messier, s.a.a. FAQ, and urban Herschel 400.
Astronomy Today - Telescope Buyers' FAQ
Guide for buying and using amateur telescopes, accessories, vendors, and various resources.
The Beginner
Learning the basics of astronomy, observing, and equipment.
Beginning Astronomy
Information on getting started, binoculars,first telescope, and expanding horizons.
For the Beginner
Tips for getting started in astronomy.
Northern Virginia Astronomy Club - Resources
Guides for getting started in astronomy.
Observational Astronomy
Offers information on learning about astronomical objects and then viewing the objects through use of the eye or with various optics.
Sights Above
Gallery, equipment, audio-video, log, accessories, telescope 101, and links.
Sky & Telescope: How to Start Right in Astronomy
Article discussing ways to getting started and learning astronomy.
A calendar of events of upcoming aurora, meteor showers, eclipses, and planets.
Small Telescope Astronomy
Tutorials on telescope designs, some basic astronomy theory, and amateur astronomy projects for the beginner or owner of modest equipment.
So You Wanna Buy a Telescope
Discusses telescopes, types, buying, and accessories.
Star Gazer
Dedicated to the stars and galaxies with resources and links.
Discussion of two types for beginners, the reflector and the refractor.
Advice on buying a telescope, beginner's advice, eyepieces, and care and setup of telescope and accessories.
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