Science Astronomy Amateur Astrophotography and CCD Imaging
This category lists sites that assist amateur astrophotographers learn and refine their techniques for both film and CCD imaging.

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Amateur Astronomy
News, equipment, astrophotography, and projects.
AO ( Active Optics ) for Amateur Imaging
Images and tips by the authors of a book on astronomical photography.
Astro Imaging Hints Page
Articles for beginners, shooting comets, polar alignment, CCD pixel size and masking, and stacking.
Images, plugins, moon phase, hints and tips, seeing conditions, and equipment.
Astronomy and CCD Astro Imaging
Images, observing tips and techniques, techniques, equipment information, projects, skymap, and links.
Astronomy: Erik Bryssinck
Results of astro-ccd photography, several tips and tricks for quickcam astro-ccd photography.
Astrophotography and CCD Imaging
Tips for film, digital cameras, video cameras, and CCDs.
Astrophotography by HrAstro
Provides instruction in astrophotography, information on the necessary equipment and an image gallery.
Astrophotography by Jim Ferreira
Solar, lunar and planetary video astrophotography images and article review.
Astrophotography for the Amateur
Provides table of contents, ordering information, and preview of chapter one by Michael Covington.
Capella-Observatory - Astrophotography from Both Hemispheres
News, images, observatory, equipment, and links.
Catching the Light - Astrophotography
Deep-sky astronomical photographs, tips and techniques for astrophotography, and digital enhancement in Photoshop.
Clear Skies
Galleries, equipment, links, guestbook.
Collected Data and Links on Low Light CCD Cameras
Video equipment, applications in the hobby, modifications, sources and supplies, and software.
Comet McNaught
Gallery with photo details. Provides local sunset times for southern hemisphere cities.
Background, equipment, webcam images, new images, and equipment modifications.
Coyote Skies
Photographic services, photography, and links.
David's Astronomical Page
Gallery of images, equipment information, astrophotography tips and astronomical calculators.
Deep Sky - Astrophotography For Amateurs
An instructional guide for beginners.
Digital Camera Telescope Adapters
Table showing schematics of the coupling methods used by various commercially available digital camera adapters.
Drew Evans Astrophotography
Photos of the moon, planets, the Milky Way galaxy and equipment used.
Digital photographs of the sun, moon, and planets.
The Firmament
Tutorials, equipment, images, and other items of interest.
Franco Sgueglia Web Site
Observatory, equipment, gallery, tips, and links.
Frank's Astro-Imaging
Contains information on imaging techniques, galleries, equipment, and links.
Grimée Observatory
Features recent images, gallery, equipment, observatory and links located in Bonnert near Arlon in Belgium.
Irvington Observatory
Galleries, cameras, equipment, NexStar modifications, dome, video, guestbook, and chat.
Jeff MacQuarrie's CCD Astronomy
Images of nebulae, galaxies, planets and star clusters. Each image contains educational information about the object with links for further research.
A Mac OS X application dedicated to processing of planetary images acquired with a webcam through a telescope, including news, image gallery, project summary, and source code.
Matt's Astronomy Website
Galleries, equipment, upcoming events, resources, and feedback.
Mick's Astronomy Page
Images, equipment and accessories, universe today, blast from the past, and guestbook.
MVR's Astro Web Site
Gallery, images, equipment, and accessories.
The New CCD Astronomy
Online book by Ron Wodaski, tutorials, and downloads.
Gallery, equipment, and image downloads.
Pleiades PixInsight
Astronomical images, and techniques and tools for astrophotography and digital image processing.
The Pyxis CCD Camera Project
CCD camera system consisting of separate guiding and imaging cameras.
Roger's Website of Astronomy and Photography
News, galleries, and information and resources.
Sky-Image Digital Photography
Daniel Marquardt provides a blog, astronomical images, information on equipment and astronomical articles.
Star Echoes
Gallery, articles, about the author, and links.
Stellar Products
Image galleries, tutorials, and products.
Wide Field Astrophotography
Use of SLR film cameras and simple tracking equipment.

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