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This category lists sites specifically for amateur telescope making (ATM) as well as any of the parts or accessories belonging to a telescope.

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100% Do It Yourself
Equatorial table, hydraulic focusing system, stepper motor electronic controls, hydraulic drive, advice to build a telescope, and beginners corner.
Al's Custom Telescope Accessories
Oak tripod, tripod accessories, leg kits, feedback, and links.
An Amateur Telescope Maker's Projects
Articles on various telescope designs.
The Amateur Telescope Makers Email List
FAQ, managing a subscription, and archives.
Astral Weeks
Construction of reflector, refractor, and mini solar cam with images, and astro images.
ATM Letters
Electronic based Journal with current issue, past issues, and archives.
The ATM's Workshop
Areas covered include optics, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, programming, and telescope equipment, and tips and techniques.
Bill's 14.5 Inch Telescope Making Project
Description, photographs, rebuilding of telescope, making simple lens for reflector, and links.
Computer Operated Telescopes
Features plans and designs for stepper or servo motor layouts as well as features, free software, how-to information, and links.
The Construction - Littlebear Observatory
Information and photos on the construction of the observatory.
Dave's ATM Page
Information to add altitude-azimuth controller and unipolar stepper motor controller to a telescope, and directions with drawings and images of individual parts for a ten inch scope.
Foucault Tester
Building a tester with a unique return mechanism, simplistic in design and very practical, enables the user to obtain highly accurate results.
Got Grit?
Telescope mirror making supplies and tutorials.
How Products Are Made: Telescope
Background, raw materials, and the manufacturing process with references.
Mike's Telescope Workshop
Photos and descriptions of binocular stand, several telescopes, solar camera, and links for parts.
Mirror Making and Other Activities by Laurie Hall
Mirror making, the equipment and testing equipment.
A Photovisual Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope
Information acquired during design and construction of a 7.5" aperture F8.
Poor Meadow Dyke Observatory
Construction details with images of Dobsonian, GEM reflector, portable Dobsonian, 20" goto scope, dome, and 20" goto Dobsonian.
Scope Making
Plans and instructions for building a Dobsonian, refractor, wooden tripod, eyepieces and other accessories.
Shane LaPierre's ATM Pages
20" Dobsonian, 8" versatile newt, cookbook 245 CCD, equipment, images, logs, and links.
Stellafane ATM Pages
Simple and proven techniques that most appropriate for the beginner and the novice mirror and telescope makers.
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