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All New Universe
Offers the book "21st Century's all New Cosmology" for sale, and a sample chapter for free download.)
Alternative Cosmology Group
The ACG is an open society of scientists from all over the world, dedicated to the advance in cosmology and basic research.
An Alternative View of the Universe Idea
An ebook sharing the author's ideas about the cosmos.
The Cause of the Cosmological Red Shift
Charles Weber outlines his theory that the red shift is caused by gravitational interaction with masses passed in space and consequently, there is no expansion of galaxies.
The Collapsing Universe
Martin Gradwell explains how observed phenomena can be explained in terms of a nonhomogeneous closed universe, with a central singularity, undergoing gravitational collapse.
Comedy Recycling Theory of the Entire Known Universe
An alternative theory which introduces new concepts in gravity and the nature of black holes.
A Contradiction in the Theory of Universal Expansion
It is generally accepted that the withdrawal velocities of galaxies, will be proportional to their distances and will also be proportional to the time it takes for light to travel from the galaxies to the observer. Fred L. Walker argues that these two statements are contradictory. [PDF]
Cosmic Concerns
Discusses current theories of cosmology as they relate to recent discoveries in astronomy.
Cosmology Without Big Bang
The right Hubble Law is derived to obtain a cosmology with expansion but without Big Bang. In German and English.
Cube Theory
This site attempts to explain the structure of the universe.
Curvature Cosmology
Free PDF version of this book by David F. Crawford. It provides a complete theory and extensive applications to all major cosmological observations.
Double Bubble Universe
Offers a free ebook describing the fractal nature of the universe and how it builds a double bubble shape of giant conjoined twins.
Electric Cosmos
Proposes a cosmology based primarily on electrical phenomena.
Everything Forever
Aims to help the reader step outside of time and imagine the shape of what is ultimately possible in a timeless universe.
Fractal Cosmology
Denies the Big Bang theory and claims that the universe is of infinitely replicated fractal structure.
Fractal Universe
A pictorial hypothesis by Colin Hill proposing that the universe consists of a series of spiral bodies of diminishing size, each made in turn by plasma ejection and moulded by a spatial Coriolis effect: a rotating fractal universe.
How the Universe is Built
Provides articles and videoes that describe the way superclusters, clusters of galaxies, galaxies, stars etc. form, evolve and decay by following a cosmic design involving a fractal knot which appears in large scales to micro-scales.
An Investigative Report of Science Fraud at NASA
Bibhas De alleges that the WMAP satellite was a botched experiment, the subsequent publications were a fraud, and the 2006 Nobel Prize in physics is part of the great cover-up.
Living Universe
A personal vision of the origin of the universe.
My Theory of Creation Plus the Meaning of Life
David Croston provides a creation theory with a different big bang. He also discusses the meaning of life, a new propulsion method and other ideas.
A New Model of the Universe
An original work by P D Ouspensky.
New Universe: Timelessness in Time
A new theory of the universe which is a hierarchically entangled fractal driven by a universal cosmic design.
Observational Evidences Against Big-bang and Black-hole
Proposes that the redshifts of the galaxies and the cosmic microwave background radiation have different explanations than provided by the big-bang cosmology. The dynamics at the centers of the galaxies are also not driven by supermassive black-holes.
Our Undiscovered Universe
Book by Terence Witt exploring null physics and its applications in cosmology as well as other sciences.
The Photon-Nonphoton Universe
Presents the author's simple model of a universe that is infinitely extended and infinitely old. By George Savonov.
PQR Theory: Pythagorean Quantum Relativity
Nick Mitchell explores the idea that our universe is a physical manifestation of the natural numbers.
Reinventing the Universe
Jerrold Thacker presents his thoughts on a non-cosmological cause of the redshift of distant objects and offers plausible alternate explanations for other cosmological anomalies.
Spiritual Astronomy with its Celestial Cosmology
Scot Aaron examines reality by combining core spiritual understandings with scientific data, especially astrophysics and particular celestial and stellar structures.
Theory of Reciprocity
A Newtonian approach to understanding the phenomenon of existence and the nature of the cosmos.
Theory of the Children Reality
Theory of everything founded upon a simple but powerful system for understanding any and everything.
Thermodynamics Applied to Cosmology
Bernard R. Bligh asserts that calculations on the hot big bang theory show that it violates the laws of thermodynamics.
A Thesis on the Structure of the Universe
This article by James A. Marusek describes the evolutionary cycle of a black hole, the big bang theory in the context of a steady state universe and the existence of a gravitational switch. [PDF]
The Universe and Us
Cosmological treatise by Per Lassen on our relationship with the visible versus the entire universe, based on cosmological equations, explained with graphics and concluding in the philosophical implications for mankind.
The Well-Balanced Universe
A new explanation of both the universe and gravity, based on the second law of thermodynamics, with no big bang, inflation, dark materials or singularities. A downloadable ebook by Edmund Wood.
WingMakers, The Ancient Arrow Project
Introduces a new cosmology and a future vision of our universe and our purpose therein.
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