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Effects of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Soil Fertility and Crop Quality
Describes the results of a long-term field experiment in Sweden. By Artur Granstedt and Lars Kjellenberg.
Fertiliser Manufacturers Research Association
Aims to promote and encourage responsible fertilizer use. Contains many fertilizer fact sheets.
Fertilizer and Lime Research Center, New Zealand
Agricultural use and the environmental impact of fertilizer, lime and soil amendments.
Fertilizer Application and Placement
Provides general guidance on the purchase, use and timing of nitrogenous fertilizers and on the application of phosphorus, potassium and sulphur.
The International Fertiliser Society
Scientific, technical, environmental, economic and safety aspects of the production, marketing, use and application of fertilizers.
International Fertilizer Development Center
Production and agronomic effectiveness of fertilizers.
International Fertilizer Industry Association
Describes the production, distribution and consumption of fertilizers, their intermediates and raw materials
Iron Chlorosis
Explains how to detect and combat iron deficiency in plants.
Magnesium/sulphur deficiency symptoms are widespread due to inappropriate nutrient management. This website offers not only details about the origin, properties and production of Kieserite, but also a wide range of information concerning its importance and possibilities of use in agriculture.
Manures and Fertilizers
Indian Agricultural Resources. Information about manures, organic, inorganic and biofertilizers.
Nutrients for Life Foundation
Organization aiming to provide science-based information to help educate people about the benefits of fertilizer. Includes information for consumers, students, teachers and grassroot activists.
Potentially Beneficial Effects from Liming
Abstract from a university lecture describing the physical and chemical effects of liming on different soil types.
Recommended Soil Testing Procedures
Describes important soil tests and explains how to perform and interpret them.
Smart! Fertilizer Management Software
Fertilizer calculator and fertilizer management tool, providing guidance on fertilizer recipes, cost analysis and fertilizer mixes.
Soil Fertility
Answers questions related to the enhancement and maintenance of soil fertility.
Soil Fertility
Application recommendations for different fertilizers.
Soil Fertility
A large collection of information ranging from soil test interpretation to prevention of nutrient deficiencies.
Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition
The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs offers a large collection of newsletters and factsheets with topics ranging from soil sampling to fertilizer requirements and micronutrients.
Soil Health and Fertility
Provides a number of downloadable publications on various aspects of soil management, provided by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.
Soil Quality Institute (SQI)
Research findings and practical technologies that help conserve and improve soil conditions. Applicable to farming, ranching, forestry and gardening.
Soil test interpretations
Gives examples of soil test values and explains their significance.
Soil, Water and Agricultural Testing Laboratory
Self supporting lab at New Mexico State University providing chemical testing for plants and soils.
Soils, Cropping Practices and Fertilizer Use
Describes the fertilizer requirements of different soil types, with particular reference to Alberta.
What is Soil Fertility?
Information about soil fertility and how it can be improved.
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