Sites about the science and practice of irrigation. Not for business sites selling irrigation equipment.

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Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
Blog concerned with these irrigation systems and their components. Also provides news about irrigation and agriculture.
ESI Environmental Sensors Inc.
Manufactures irrigation instrumentation for monitoring and controlling water.
FAO: Water Resources, Development and Management Service
Promotes efficient use and conservation of water resources to achieve food security and sustainable agriculture and rural development.
Fertigation: Technology
Explains what fertigation is, the system setup, the crop infrastructure and the crop elements. Offers a manual and practical fertigation videos.
Free Landscape Sprinkler Irrigation System Design Tutorial
Describes what information to collect, what equipment one would need, and determine pipe size requirements.
International Water Management Institute
Research on water management in agriculture, irrigation, groundwater, river basins, wetlands, ecosystems, food security, wastewater and climate change.
Covers a large number of topics including evapotranspiration, fertigation, irrigation practices and microirrigation. From the University of Florida IFAS Extension.
The Irrigation Association
Updates on irrigation equipment. Handbooks and tips.
Irrigation Association of Australia
Provides information about the irrigation industry and standard practices.
Irrigation Training and Research Center
University web site. Focusing on irrigation training and research.
Subsurface Drip Irrigation Demonstration and Research Project
University of Arizona. Subsurface drip irrigation demonstration and research project for the purpose of evaluating and disseminating information.
Tanks of South India
Provides information on these water harvesting and storage systems found in most parts of South India which serve as a source of water for humans, cattle and agriculture.
Texas Waternet
Texas Water Resource Institute. Has articles and links about irrigation and water management.
Water Quality Handbook for Nurseries
Information on nursery management practices including water quality, best management, nutritional management, irrigation, IPM, pesticides, capturing and recycling water, and doing an environmental audit. [PDF]
Provides information on water management and usage, simple irrigation systems.
WCA infoNET - Water Conservation and Use in Agriculture
Publications, documents and data, computer programs, and discussion groups on the subjects of water, irrigation and drainage.
Weather Monitoring and Irrigation Control
Remote data acquisition for weather monitoring and irrigation control. Also, water management, pest management, plant disease prediction.
Wetland Reservoir Subirrigation Systems
Article describes a system comprised of a wetland and a water storage reservoir linked to a network of subsurface pipes used at different times to either drain or irrigate crops through the root zone.
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