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This category is for sites about integrated pest management which is an ecological approach to pest control. The main goal is a significant reduction or elimination of the use of pesticides, with the emphasis on the control and not the eradication of pests.

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Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook
The University of Minnesota's electronic textbook of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) featuring contributed chapters by internationally recognized experts.
AllPest Exterminators
A complete termite and pest control service company located in Baltimore, MD. Integrated pest management.
Applied Bio-nomics Ltd
Information on the various biological controls available for open air crops and those grown under glass from this company which ships products to distributors in Europe, Asia and North America.
Arizona Biological Control - Arbico
Provides biological pest control using fly parasites, lady bugs, nematodes. Also provides sustainable environmental alternatives to chemicals including fly traps, fertilizers and other products for organic growers.
Offers lightweight, plastic, barn owl nest boxes to farmers and nature lovers for rodent control, integrated pest management, and barn owl conservation.
Beneficial Exterminating.
Information on termite fumigation methods.
Bio-Integral Resource Center
Nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to pesticide reduction. Publishes the IPM Practitioner and The Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly. Source of information on least-toxic and nontoxic solutions for pest problems.
Bugs and Weeds
A step by step approach to lawn, garden, landscape, and home pest prevention. Practical IPM, starting with prevention.
Center for Integrated Pest Management
Information from CIPM and about the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for IPM, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.
Cooper Mill Limited
Wholesale suppliers of insect monitoring traps, pheromones and chemical control products for insect and vegetation management.
Farmer Field Schools for IPM: Refresh Your Memory
A guide for FFS facilitators with practical information and tips for planning, running and evaluating their farmer field schools. Also available as a downloadable PDF file.
Georgia Integrated Pest Management
Extensive information on pests found in Georgia and IPM for apiculture, livestock and poultry, and field and horticultural crops (including canola, cotton, tobacco, pecans, soybeans, peanuts, and grains).
Green Shield Certified
Independent, non-profit certification program that promotes practitioners of effective, prevention-based pest control while minimizing the use of pesticides.
Integrated Pest Management
Information from Wikipedia on this ecological method with an emphasis on control rather than eradication of pests, which significantly reduces or eliminates the use of pesticides.
Integrated Pest Management at Iowa State University
Includes an integrated crop management newsletter, and horticulture and home pest news.
Integrated Pest Management at West Virginia Extension
About IPM. Includes pesticide impact assessment and extensive information on specific pests and their management.
Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops
This publication covers IPM for greenhouse crops, both vegetable and ornamental. Monitoring, sanitation, biological controls, biorational pesticides, insect growth regulators and disease control methods are discussed.
Integrated Pest Management for Vegetable Gardens
Information on pest management for vegetable gardens such as: soil preparation, plant selection, cultural practices, and beneficial insects and mites.
Integrated Pest Management in Thailand
Provides information for trainers, extension workers and farmers in Thailand. Includes information about pesticide problems for consumers, children and school teachers.
Integrated Pest Management Programs
Covers greenhouse and floriculture, fruit, nursery and vegetable cultivation, and also provides information on the New Jersey Integrated Pest Management program for schools.
IPM Access Home Page
A networking and information service for IPM practitioners and other interested people.
IPM Alabama
Includes a collection of links, weekly pest updates, crop pest and disease information, pesticide information.
IPM Institute of North America
Independent non-profit organization formed in 1998 to foster recognition and rewards in the marketplace for goods and service providers who practice integrated pest management
ISCA Technologies
Supplier of pheromone based products for the management of economically important insect pest species.
Michigan State University: Integrated Pest Management
Provides information to help growers use IPM to identify and manage insects and diseases common in the state.
National Parks Service IPM Manual
Provides descriptions of the biology and management of 21 species or categories of pests.
North Carolina Integrated Pest Management
Pest management and production information for growers and home owners in North Carolina. Includes pest descriptions, control alternatives and contacts. Managed by the Center for IPM at North Carolina State University.
North Central IPM Center
The North Central Integrated Pest Management Center is one of four centers in a national network established to strengthen USDA's connection with production agriculture, research and extension programs.
Northeastern IPM Center
Part of a national network of IPM centers established to strengthen USDA's connection with production agriculture, research and extension programs.
Oecos: Insect Monitoring
Offers pheromone systems, traps and lures for insect monitoring and control, for agriculture and crops under glass.
Ozone Biotech
Manufacturer and exporter of neem oil and neem based pesticides for organic farming.
Pacific Biocontrol Corporation
Providers of pheromone based management systems for the control of a variety of insect pests.
Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program (PA IPM)
Includes a pest "Problem Solver", school IPM, agricultural IPM, many IPM resources. Also, newsletters, publications, and funding opportunities.
Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting
Provides farmers tools for predicted the outbreak of pests and plant diseases based on pest/disease development models and weather history for locations across the US and Canada. Also forecasts diseases based on current weather forecasts.
General purpose pheromone releaser for use in integrated pest management areas of forestry and agriculture.
Practical Experience Using Mating Disruption Against Eupoecilia ambiguella and Lobesia botrana in Vineyards of the Wuerttemberg Region
Account of German scientific study into the use of pheromones, in comparison to pesticides.
Regional IPM Centers
Provides information about commodities, pests and pest management practices, people and issues in the U.S., including crop profile and IPM Expertise databases, information on pesticide use, current pest management research, funding opportunities, and links to related sites.
Safer Pest Control Project
Provides information regarding safer solutions to pest control problems using the IPM strategy.
Tuta Absoluta Information Network
News and information regarding the South American tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta.
University of California IPM Online
Develops and promotes the use of integrated, ecologically sound pest management programs in California.
University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
IPM for nurseries, vegetable growers, fruit growers, greenhouses, schools, turf, field corn, home grounds. Free online homestudy courses for homeowners. Biological control of purple loosestrife and invasive plants in the Northeast.
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