This category contains sites about the management and control of animals, birds and other vertebrates when they are pests in agriculture and horticulture.

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Ant Control
University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County factsheet on controlling ants found in and around the home.
Ant Trails: A Key to Management with Baits
Ants use odor trails to guide them to food sources that scout ants have found. This article describes the positioning and use of bait stations to control these ants.
Information on the several species of ants that are a pest round homes, their identification, biology and control.
Bee Safe
Nationwide bee removal company which offers honey bee removal and wasp control for residential and commercial structures throughout the United States.
Bird Gard
Non harmful bird control products using recordings of bird distress calls to repel birds.
Critter Safe: Humane Wildlife Control Solutions
Offers a humane wildlife management option using non-lethal, no-trap, release on-site or one-way doors to solve animal nuisance problems.
D&R Technologies LLC
Offers electronic bat control devices and provides information about the species of bat found in each US state and how they can be repelled.
Geese Management
Offers sale of trained border collies, and other products to deter geese from settling and nesting. Includes dogs, stock and services available. company and team profiles, gallery and contacts in Stirling, Ontario.
Geese Off Inc.
Humane Canada goose control service using trained Border Collies in the northeast US.
Geese Police
Training border collies to control goose problems on golf courses.
Gona-con: Birth Control for Deer
U.S. Wildlife Services provides information on a field test of an immunocontraceptive vaccine for deer. [PDF]
Goose Control Technology of N.J.
Information and services (such as egg treatment, removal and harvest and habitat management programs) for the control of nuisance Canada geese.
Goose Runners: Humane Goose Control
Environmentally safe form of Canada goose control using highly trained Border Collies.
This repeller uses actual alert and alarm calls of Canada Geese in order to move them on.
This UK business offers a very dilute, nutrient based spray which provides a solution to crop damage caused by grazing rabbits, deer, pigeons and geese.
Home Pest Control
Provides advice on how to save money and do your own home pest control.
Imported Fire Ants
Research and management of the fire ant from Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and other sources.
Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
Non-profit organization providing research-based information on how to responsibly handle wildlife damage problems.
Managing Mosquitoes in an Agricultural Situation
Mosquitoes can be a public nuisance and this article discusses various methods of controlling them.
Newman's Wildlife Control Service
Offers to catch and remove nuisance wild animals from Connecticut homes and businesses. Includes information on squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other animals.
Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Provides safe, effective and humane solutions to all nuisance animal problems in private homes and commercial properties throughout West Central Florida.
Rodents: A Gnawing Problem
Article describing the problems rats cause, their control by chemicals and their management under an IPM program.
S & S Professional Wildlife Control Services, Inc.
Canadian goose management solutions.
The Skunk Whisperer
Offers humane animal control services, including nuisance critter removal, eviction, exclusion, wild animal problem prevention, structure damage and attic repair without needlessly killing wildlife. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.
United Bat Control
Full service organization that specializes in professional bat exclusion, removal of colonies, Histoplasmosis remediation, sanitizing and odor control.
Victoria Wildlife Management
Offers management of pest animals, native animals, the setting up and managing of wildlife reserves and zoo animal control in Victoria, Australia.
Voles and Meadow Mice
Description, biology and elimination methods including baits, traps, and repellents.
Wildlife Control
Factsheet from Clemson University covers the principles of controlling animal pests, including squirrels, bats, skunks, snakes, moles, voles, deer, rats/mice, chipmunks and groundhogs.
Wildlife Damage Control
Extensive information on the responsible management of damage caused by raccoons, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, opossums, beavers, woodchucks, coyotes, moles, voles, mice and pigeons.
Wildlife Removal
Provides a directory of professional wildlife trappers in the US including a comprehensive listing, by state and city, of experts in the field of nuisance wildlife control.
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