Silviculture is the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health and quality of forests and woodlands. It is distinct from Arboriculture which is practiced in urban forestry and involves the cultivation of individual trees.
American Chestnut Foundation: The Backcross Method
Project to introduce into the American chestnut the genetic material responsible for blight resistance while still preserving the genetic heritage of the American species.
Before You Order Tree Seedlings
University of Missouri Extension gives guidance on selecting species to suit the soil and climate.
Christmas Trees
A comprehensive series of informational sheets provided by North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension on the subject of Christmas tree production and marketing.
Felling, Bucking and Limbing Trees
Provides guidance for the occasional chain-saw operator on safe practices to use for these operations.
Forest Nursery Manual
Downloadable guide with information about current bareroot-nursery practices and research in the northwestern United States and Canada.
Forest Nursery Notes
Nursery news and literature service supplying free information to foresters in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.
Forest Products
Mississippi State University Extension provides details of the range of products obtained from trees. [PDF]
Forestry Terms for the Woodland Owner
Provides definitions and explanations of terms used in forestry.
Hardcore Treeplanters
Experienced planter in Canada provides information about how to go about planting trees efficiently and quickly.
How to Plant Forest Trees
Guidance on storing seedlings, planting by hand and by machine, and care of plantations.
The Influence of Soils and Species on Tree Root Depth
Peter Crow provides a guide to expected rooting depth ranges of trees for a selection of species on soils with different characteristics. [PDF]
Nursery and Tree Improvement
South Carolina Forestry Commission aims to provide high quality, improved seedlings for landowners in the state.
Opportunities for Intensive Pine Plantation Management
Describes research at the University of Georgia where it has been found that productivity can be greatly increased by adopting intensive pine plantation establishment and management practices.
An Overview of Forest Ecology and Management in Virginia
Information on forest management and the shelterwood, seed-tree and clear-cutting systems of regeneration. [PDF]
Plant Materials Directory
This directory of plant material suppliers is searchable by state, product or a keyword.
Planting Your New Stewardship Forest
Outlines modifications to a planting plan that can benefit wildlife, improve soil and water protection, and enhance recreation and aesthetics. [PDF]
Pruning Forest Trees
Information on when to prune, the procedures to follow and care after pruning.
Restoring Trees after a Hurricane
Information on this process, typically requiring one or more prunings to develop a strong tree structure. [PDF]
RNGR: Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetics Resources
RNGR aims to supply people who grow tree seedlings with the latest technical information and provides links to other organizations with similar aims.
Storing, Handling and Planting Southern Pine Seedlings
Provides advice on seedling care, how and when to plant, and the number of seedlings required per acre.
Timber Stand Improvement
Provides guidance on improving productivity by prescribed burning, culling, thinning and release. [PDF]
Tree Planting Guide
Gives guidance on care and handling of seedlings and planting methods, including using a planting hoe, planting machine and dibble.
Tree Planting Is Easy
Guide from the Mississippi State University Extension. [PDF]
Tropical Tree Seed Manual
Downloadable guide to seed biology, the collection, storage and germination of tropical tree seeds.
Woody Plant Seed Manual
Provides a comprehensive guide to the propagation of trees from seed.
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