Science Agriculture Forestry Research Groups and Centers
Forestry Research institutes are those bodies, usually associated with University, governmental agency or non-profit cooperatives whose mission is to collect, analyze and disseminate information about forestry and forestry related topics.

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Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest - Kentucky
Information on research, outreach, history, publications and programs.
British Columbia Forest Service Research Branch
Details include publications, software for download, and details of research and projects.
Charles L. Pack Forest - University of Washington College of Forest Resources
Pack forest provides virtual hikes, educational programs, interactive games and tours, videos and information on research, events and outreach. Geospatial data, conference center bookings, timber sales and forest operations information.
CIFOR - Center for International Forestry Research
Concentrates on research and publications about tropical forestry and sociology in developing nations. Research abstracts, publications, job opportunities and software downloads.
Cloquet Forestry Center - University of Minnesota
The principal forestry field station of the University of Minnesota. It serves as a regional and national center for instructional, research, and outreach programs for the natural resources community.
The Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study (CLAMS) - Oregon State
A multi-disciplinary research effort to analyze the aggregate ecological, economic, and social consequences of forest policies of different land owners in the Coast Range. Links to maps, projects, data, publications and general information.
Cooperative Forest Genetics Research Project - University of Florida
Develops genetically-improved varieties of southern pines for the reforestation of harvested timberlands in the lower coastal plain of the southern United States. Provides technical assistance, research support and educational resources.
European Forest Institute
An independent non-governmental organisation conducting European forest research.
FAO Forestry Programme
Part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Addressing the problem of how to use forest resources to improve people's condition while ensuring that the resource is conserved to meet the needs of future generations.
Fire and Mountain Ecology Lab Home Page
Conducts ecological and sociological research in National Parks and other Protected Areas of the Pacific Northwest
Forestry & Forest Products Research Centre - South Africa
Contract research in forestry, wood quality, wood properties, pulp and paper, sawmilling, remote sensing; and software programs for the forestry and forest products industry.
Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
University of Pretoria, specializes in research on forest pests and diseases.
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of Japan
Focuses on sustainability, industry, rural community development, productivity and environmental conservation.
Forestry and Natural Resources
Description and links to all of U.C. Berkeley's research forests. Publications, research, outreach, lecture series and calendar of events.
Harvard Forest - Harvard University
A base for research and education in forest biology. Focus on silviculture and forest management, soils and the development of forest site concepts, the biology of temperate and tropical trees, forest ecology and economics and ecosystem dynamics. Links to research data, publications, education and outreach.
HJ Andrews Experimental Forest
Located in the Pacific Northwest. Offers research data, publications, and information as well as links to other Long-term ecological research sites(LTER).
Institute for Redwood Ecology
Professor Stephen Sillett is undertaking canopy research to expand knowledge of redwood forests and their ecology.
The Institute of Wood Science
Promotes and encourages a better understanding of timber, wood-based materials and associated timber processes. Journals, annual meetings, courses and membership information. United Kingdom.
International Union of Forest Research Organizations
Provides membership information, research publications, conference and meeting information, and links to individual country sub-groups.
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Established under the Science and Technology policy adopted by the Government of Kerala as an autonomous institution to undertake research in forestry and biodiversity.
Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology (LARSE) - Oregon State
Provides research data and links to MODLand products such as surface reflectance, spectral vegetation indices, land cover, the absorbed fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (FPAR), leaf area index (LAI), net primary productivity (NPP), and land surface temperature.
Lubrecht Experimental Forest: University of Montana
Contains information on the history of the forest, conference center, research programs, ecosystem learning center and staff.
METLA: Finnish Forest Research Institute
An independent research organization under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. It produces research-based information for decision-makers, forest industries and practical forestry, as well as for the public at large.
National Council for Forest Research and Development
Ireland based site containing information on research publications, news, events, funding programs and vacancies.
NSERC Strategic Research Network on Value Chain Optimization
Aims to improve the competitiveness of the Canadian forest industry through forest research and business innovation.
Olympic Natural Resources Center - University of Washington
Events, news, research and education. Archive of Olympic Peninsula geospatial and biological data.
Oregon State University Research Forests
Living laboratories where active forest management practices provide teaching, research and demonstration opportunities for students of all ages, forest managers, and Oregonians. Links to research, inventories, geospatial data, recreation, and all of the university's research forests.
Precision Forestry Cooperative - University of Washington, CFR
Created to conduct pioneering research in forest production, management, and manufacturing at a new scale of resolution and accuracy with the goal of producing economic and environmental benefits.
Rural Technology Initiative - University of Washington
Objective is to use better technology to manage forests in rural areas for increased product and environmental values in support of local communities. Links to projects, calendar, seminars and publications.
Stand Management Cooperative
Cooperative effort of the forest products industry, state and federal organizations, to provide a continuing source of high quality information on the long-term effects of silvicultural treatments and treatment regimes on stand and tree growth and development and on wood and product quality.
Syktyvkar Forest Institute
Aims to teach ecological principles to forestry managers. Russia.
University of Alaska, Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
Undertakes research on solving problems in agriculture and the forest sciences appropriate to Alaska.
USDA Forest Service Research and Development
Operates eight forestry and forest products research stations around the U.S.
USFS - Northeastern Research Station
Conducts extensive research to enhance and protect productivity on all of America's forests and rangelands with special attention to long-term resource issues of national and international scope in the northeastern United States.
USFS - Northern Research Station - Midwest U.S.
Natural resource research and development in the Midwest. Provides the scientific basis for decisions and policies that affect the management and use of forests in the region.
USFS - Rocky Mountain Research Station
Conducts research in forestry resource science and technology for forest sustainability and productivity in Rocky Mountain ecosystems and environmental quality.
USFS - Southern Research Station
Conducts research in forestry resource science and technology for forest sustainability and productivity in southern ecosystems and environmental quality.
USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station - PNW
Organized into seven programs conducted at ten locations: nine laboratories in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, and a Wood Utilization Center in Sitka, Alaska. Forestry research sites were established to evaluate and disseminate information and technology to improve management and use of natural resources.
USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station - California & Hawaii
Contains links to publications, journals, research proposals, databases and links to other USFS research forests.
USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Flagstaff Lab
One of seven U.S. Forest Service research stations for forestry and forest products, publications, seminars and research.
USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center
Provides scientific understanding and technology to support sound management and conservation of forest and rangeland ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. FRESC employs research scientists, technical professionals, and administrative staff with expertise in a wide range of program areas.
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