This category is for sites dealing with the care and upkeep of individual trees, generally as urban and garden specimens. It is not for business sites offering these services.

Arboriculture is distinct from forestry and woodland management, which are subjects that deal with trees as a crop.

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Arboricultural Association
Promotes care and knowledge of trees in the UK. Details of activities, members, and journal.
Arborist Site Discussion Group
A loose affiliation of volunteer tree working professionals that discuss the needs of tree care within the industry and answer questions for the general public.
Asia Tree Preservation Ltd
ATP provides arboriculture training and vegetation management consulting in the south, southeast and eastern parts of Asia.
European Arboricultural Council
A forum for arboricultural organizations in Europe to liaise on research and education in tree establishment and improvement of working practices.
Homeowner’s Guide to Safer Trees
Copiously illustrated account of how to examine trees for safety, what symptoms to look for, evaluating the findings and information on finding an arborist. [PDF]
International Society of Arboriculture
Arboriculture On-line was developed to assist tree care professionals in developing and maintaining effective plant health care programs. Includes an extensive collection of urban forestry links.
Mid-Atlantic Chapter, International Society of Arboriculture
information and links on trees and their care (arboriculture); resources for arborists
Peter Sterken
Provides calculation models for assessing the stability of trees and palms. These methods are backed up by their corresponding scientific and technical publications.
Tree Care Industry Association
TCIA is a nonprofit US trade association of companies in the tree care industry, formerly the National Arborist Association.
Includes views on conservation of native trees for the environment.
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