The potato is a vegetable derived from the root tubers of Solanum tuberosum L.

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Global Potato News
An online source of potato related information featuring daily potato news updates, a directory of more than 800 links to relevant potato web sites, a globally distributed electronic newsletter containing information about online potato news events and a section for important potato publications.
Assured Produce Protocol for Potatoes
Producing crops in accordance with these standards allows growers to sell produce to any supermarket or processor in the UK. Information on site selection, site management, variety selection, nutrition, irrigation, crop protection, harvesting and storage. [PDF]
A European network of scientists and other specialists working on potato late blight
The European Cultivated Potato Database
Online listing of cultivated varieties of potato, their history and characteristics.
Growing Potato Plants
In depth article on small scale planting, cultivation and harvesting of potatoes. Potato pests and diseases fully described.
International Potato Center (CIP)
Works to enhance the cultivation, yield, processing, and consumption of potatoes, sweetpotato and other Andean roots and tubers that are in danger of extinction.
Mountain Valley Produce And Potato Seed
Based in Colorado. Photographic tour of seed potato farm, potato variety growing guidelines, recipes and cooking tips, lettuce farming operation tour, and history of the potato.
Post-harvest Management: Potato
Provides information on harvesting, transport, threshing, drying, cleaning, packaging and storage.
Potato Grower Magazine Online
The official web site of Potato Grower Magazine. Information on chemical producers, equipment manufacturers, blight, irrigation equipment, and advertising information.
Spudman, Voice of the Potato Industry
Online version of print magazine provides the latest industry news, an up to date calendar of events, a complete industry product guide, and a directory of potato-related links.
News on a friendly potato gene known as ubiquitin7. Agricultural Research Service researchers snipped part of the gene, hooked it onto a soft-rot-fighting gene, and inserted this new combination into experimental 'potatoes'.
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