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Bee Research Institute at Dol (Czech Republic)
History of the institute, with some information about services offered (especially classification of bee races), staffing, and products. Contact details. (Czech, German and English)
Bee stripes may not keep predators away
The BBC reports that bee predators may well be avoiding bees’ buzzing, or their distinctive flying pattern.
Beneficial Insects Research Unit
Located at the University of Delaware, Newark. Provides information on current projects and research programs.
Carl Hayden Bee Research Centre
Information for students and beekeepers about the facility; describes their research into crop pollination, and threats to honey bee populations.
COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee COlony LOSSes)
The international, non-profit association is focussed on improving the well-being of bees at a global level. Information about projects, news, and the association itself.
Honey Bee Research
Links to research establishments around the world from
Honey Bee Science Research Centre
Based in Tamagawa University, Japan. Brief description of the centre, and its publications. Links to the Asian Apicultural Association. (Japanese and English.)
MSU - Department of Entomology
Information regarding the research of beekeeping, honeybees, and bee biology done by Zachary Huang at Michigan State University.
Ohio State University Honey Bee Laboratory
A multi-purpose laboratory encompassing both extension and research responsibilities. Description of activities and events, their bee garden and bee museum. Also includes fact sheets, and a photo/audio gallery.
Pollinating Insect: Biology, Management, Systematics Research
Information on the research being done at the Logan Bee Laboratory.
Society of the German Bee Research Institutes
Provides information on the research being undertaken, institutes, conferences and the bee monitoring program. There is also a large collection of links.
USDA Bee Research Laboratory
Conducts research on the biology and control of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) diseases, parasites and pests.
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