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American Beekeeping Federation
Acts on behalf of the beekeeping industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the industry.
American Honey Bee Rescue Alliance
An association of Americans with a common goal of being advocates to the survival and promotion of honey bees.
American Honey Producers Association
An organization dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of the American honey producer
Arkansas Beekeepers Online
Information about the organization, with contact details for local associations, a newsletter, and sales of equipment and honey.
Beekeepers Association of Southern California
Members from all over Southern California, including: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Our members range from professional beekeepers to beginners and hobbyists with only a few hives, to interested folks with no hives at all.
British Columbia Honey Producers Association
Promoting and encouraging beekeeping in BC. Disseminating reliable and practical information, education, exhibitions and sponsorship of beekeeping activities.
Brown County Beekeepers Association
This is a county association in northeastern Wisconsin,USA that is dedicated to the advancement of bee culture for both the hobby and commercial beekeeper.
California State Beekeepers Association
Organised in 1889 to serve the beekeeping industry of California
Canadian Honey Council
General information about the Canadian beekeeping industry, including research, legislation, and food safety. Listings of Canadian associations, and industry contacts.
Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club
This club serves beekeepers in the northern Catskill Mountains and the New York counties of Greene, Ulster, Columbia, Albany, and other surrounding areas.
Central Beekeepers Association of New Brunswick
Apiculture information, news, events, forum, photographs, recipes. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association
A beekeeping organization in Texas, whose members include hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. Details of meetings, programs and scholarships.
Eastern Apicultural Society of North America
"Educating the Beekeeping Community" principally through a 5-day annual conference and short course, and a quarterly newsletter. Eastern US and Canada.
Essex County Beekeepers' Association
Massachusetts, USA -- A non-profit educational organization founded in 1923 by local beekeepers interested in sharing their hobby. Information on their activities, beekeeping and their honey show at the Topsfield Fair.
European Professional Beekeepers Association
This organization aims to represent the interests of professional beekeepers in Europe.
Federation of Irish Beekeepers' Associations
This organisation provides information for beekeepers, holds a summer course and honey shows and works to promote beekeeping, honey and other hive products.
Forsyth County Beekeepers Association of NC
Seeks to promote honey bees and healthy beekeeping practices in Forsyth County, North Carolina.
The Galtee Bee Breeding Group
An association whose aim is the study, conservation and improvement of the native honey bees of Ireland. Information on the group and their activities.
Georgia Beekeepers Association
Newsletter, events, membership details,and honey recipes. Links to local associations.
Hampton Roads Beekeepers
Topbar beekeepers in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Herefordshire Beekeepers' Association
Provides information on membership, local area networks, meetings and events.
Inland Empire Beekeeping Association
The IEBA is based in Spokane, Washington and provides information and education for beekeepers, honey producers and the public. Includes an event calendar, educational resources, swarm control information, polls, newsletters and downloads.
International Association for the Protection of the European Dark Bee
Site mostly in Swedish, but there is an abstract describing the work of the association in English.
Iowa Honey Producers Association
The Buzz Newsletter contains the majority of the site content. In the future additional articles will be posted from IHPA to help document and expound upon the experiences and expertise of beekeepers across the state of Iowa.
Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
Membership information, beekeeping classes and conference information and a list of local beekeeping associations.
MAAREC Task Force
An organization comprised of departments of agriculture, beekeeping organizations and universities from New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania West Virginia, and Virginia with a focus on research and alternatives to chemical controls.
Maine State Beekeepers Association
Provides substantive information about bees and beekeeping to beekeepers and the public; and represents the interests of beekeepers state-wide politically.
The Manitoba Beekeepers' Association
To represent and promote the welfare of the entire Manitoba honey bee industry
Maryland State Beekeepers Association
Information on this organization, its meetings, officers, board, local clubs, classes, the magazine Beeline, links and resources.
Massachusetts Beekeepers Association
Information on meetings, contacts, and membership. Includes beekeeping links and a database of Massachusetts (USA) honeybee related goods and services.
Middlesex County Beekeepers Association
Beekeepers helping beekeepers to deal with problems in an increasingly urban county; co-operative buying of glass, sugar and medications. Meeting and membership information.
The National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand
Information on current beekeeping issues such as the Varroa mite. Also includes information on legislation, and reports on activities. Subscription details for their journal.
National Honey Board
Conducts research and marketing programs for the nation's honey industry. Offers its latest research findings, recipes and answers to frequently-asked honey questions.
New Brunswick Beekeepers Association
The provincial organization that represents the beekeepers of New Brunswick.
North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA)
Provides information on the Master Beekeeper Program, news, events, membership benefits, meeting times and places and links.
North Central West Virginia Beekeepers Association
Aims to promote beekeeping in West Virginia. Includes information on membership, a calendar, photo gallery, forum and web links.
Ontario Beekeepers' Association
Established in 188l in Ontario, Canada. Covers issues and advocacy, sales and services, membership and upcoming meetings and events.
Ontario-Finger Lakes Beekeepers Association
Open to anyone interested in honey bees and serves enthusiasts in a five county area in New York State. Includes general information about the club, class schedule, events calendar and resources.
Orange County Beekeepers Association - California
Formed in the 1970s they are the oldest and largest beekeeping organization in Orange County, CA. Membership is comprised of mostly small-scale beekeepers who are dedicated to keeping bees in the urban environment.
Oregon Beekeeper's Association
Contact details, pollination services, and back-issues of "Bee Line", the association's official publication.
Pawtuckaway Beekeeper's Association
Local New Hampshire association information including membership information, calendar of events, and annual bee school.
San Diego Bee Society
Amateur and professional beekeepers. Their members range from beginners to the most advanced beekeepers.
Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association
The online home of the Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association
South African Bee Industry Organization
The national organisation for the apicultural sector in South Africa established to represent and promote the Bee Industry in South Africa.
South African Beekeeping
A central listing of South African beekeeping associations, with a forum, links, events listing, plus the Agricultural Pests Act
South Carolina Beekeepers Association
Provides information on meetings and membership, the officers, breaking news, local associations, the Master Beekeeper Program and the newsletter.
Tennessee Beekeepers Association
Meets monthly to promote various aspects of beekeeping. Includes schedules and local branches of the organization.
Virginia State Beekeepers Association
Provides information on the Master Beekeeper Program, officers, meetings, local groups, classes, the newsletter and membership.
Worcester County Beekeepers Association
Bees and beekeeping in Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA. WCBA has been operating for over 100 years and works to promote beekeeping.

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