Beekeeping is concerned primarily with the domesticated honey bee, Apis mellifera. This category contains information on beekeeping techniques, pollination, and the husbandry of bees, associations, supplies, and research. Information on the biology of bees can be found in the Zoology and taxonomic categories.

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Africanized Bee spread map
Provides a map and information on the spread of these bees into the U.S.
Assisting the development of beekeeping in Africa through sharing information appropriate to the area.
Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive
Articles from sci.agriculture.beekeeping newsgroup, logs from the listserv bee-l, FAQ files, and apicultural resources.
Austin Bee Helpers
A blog about Bee-centered care taking. An alternative to the pervasive honey-centered paradigm.
Bee Biodynamic
Encourages biodynamic agriculture which supports the life of bees, providing them with a safe and healthy environment.
Bee Informed Partnership
An extension project trying to decrease winter mortality of managed honey bee colonies.
The Bee Lab
University of Minnesota Extension site has manuals and guides, public and academic courses, and description of their research.
Bee Research Directorate
Dr. Nizar Haddad on beekeeping in Jordan - books, articles and films about beekeeping. English and Arabic.
Bee Thinking
Supplier of horizontal top bar and Warré hives. Also provides a directory of bee related resources.
Information about honeybees, their products, biology, diseases and provides guidance to new beekeepers.
World-wide beekeeping directory.
Beekeeping and Bee Breeding
Detailed information on history, equipment, breeding, available products, and books from a hobbyist.
Beekeeping Free Tips
A beekeeping blog on the basics of keeping bees for love and honey.
Beekeeping in Ukraine
Information about beekeeping in the country, and its cultural and economic importance. [Ukrainian, English, and Russian]
Beekeeping with a Top-Bar Hive
How to keep bees naturally with a top-bar hive - free plans, retail hives, books, DVDs and other resources. Sustainable beekeeping for the backyard beekeeper.
Information resource about honey bees and their value to mankind, written to inspire and encourage people to keep bees themselves.
Beverly Bees
Organic beekeeping how-to's and instructional videos using langstroth and top bar hives. Raw honey, hive hosting, bee removal in Boston, MA.
Beekeeping using top bar hives. Free detailed plans for building a top bar hive. Author of The Barefoot Beekeeper.
Biobees Limited
New Zealand’s largest producer of commercial bumblebee hives; providing natural and efficient pollination of NZ food crops.
Buzz About Bees
Describes the different types of bees, their nests, life cycles, causes of decline, honey, and how we can help them.
Danmarks Biavlerforening
The Danish Beekeepers' Association. Includes a diary recounting the activities of an efficient hive owner in Denmark.
Egyptian bees
Guide for beginners in beekeeping and raising bees. Contains articles about purchasing bees, beehives, and tools.
Enemies of Bees
Information on the most common bee diseases that occur in the United States with suggested treatments.
For the Love of Bees
Classes in natural top-bar beekeeping located in New Mexico. Instructor Les Crowder, author of the book, "Top-Bar Beekeeping."
Gold Star Honeybees
Supplier of retail top bar hives and hive kits. Several free "how-to" videos on beekeeping using top bar hives.
Hampton Roads Beekeepers
Top-bar beekeepers in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Monthly local meetings.
Help the honeybee
Site with practical advice on beekeeping and ways in which you can help save the honeybee
Guide to beginning beekeeping in Tennessee. Live webcams inside a bee hive.
Hog Bay Apiary
Ligurian bee sanctuary in South Australia. Includes information on the bees, beekeeping, and beekeepers of Kangaroo island.
HoneyBee Australis
Australian beekeeping information and supplies.
The Honeybee Conservancy
Non-profit that advocates for bees and their natural environment.
Honeybee Decline
Dutch website with scientific information on the causes and results of honeybee decline and pollinator loss, edited by Utrecht University.
A nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to protect the honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers.
How to get rid of bees?
Information about bees in Los Angeles: Africanized honeybees and how to remove them.
John's Beekeeping Notebook
Bee hive observations, beekeeping history, rearing queens, beekeeping experiences in the Fiji Islands and the Ukraine.
Kalamazoo Bee Club
Beekeeping basics: historical background, equipment, defenses, colony development and honey harvesting.
Kiwimana's Beekeeping Blog
Organic Beekeepers from the hills of West Auckland in New Zealand.
Learning Beekeeping
Offers information for new beekeepers on how to make hives and keep bees. Includes videos, articles and a blog.
Mid-Atlantic Apiculture
Factsheets and videos on beginning beekeeping, honeybee biology, hive management, diseases and pests.
National Honey Board
Information for consumers, the food industry and the honey industry. Funds research projects and provides merchandising materials.
Natural Beekeeping
Beekeeping naturally, using herbs and oils.
Of Bees, Beekeepers and Food
Information about the importance of bees and pollination to our food supply, beekeeping, honey, and beeswax.
Pollination Beekeepers
Management information for both home and commercial fruit and vegetable pollination.
Pollination: The Forgotten Agricultural Input
Article by Dr. M. Sanford on the importance of honey bees to agriculture.
The Practical Beekeeper
Natural beekeeping without treatments for pests or diseases and only minimal interventions. By Michael Bush, author of the three volume book set: "The Practical Beekeeper."
Save Our Bees
Promotes the Health and Longevity of Honey Bees in Australia.
Slovenian Beekeeping
Organizations, on-line education project, research facilities. History of beekeeping and videos of bee behavior (Slovene + English).
Spikenard Farm
A honeybee sanctuary promoting sustainable and biodynamic beekeeping.
Tiwana Bee Farm
Beekeeping in India and the apiculture technology of the area. Punjab, India.
Top Bar Observation Hive
Building plans and photographs.
Vanishing Of The Bees
Educational video concerning the disappearance of honeybees.
WebRing: Honey Bees & Beekeeping
Webring which may be joined by any beekeping-related web site.

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