South Georgia
Location: 53°30' to 55°00'S : 35°30' to 38°40'W South Georgia consists of one main island, several small ones, and numerous islets and rocks. The outlying Clerke Rocks are 74 km southwest of the main island and all are mainly of sedimentary origin. Covering an area of 3755 km², the highest peak is Mt. Paget at an elevation of 2934 m. The island is 57% glacierized. The island was first sighted in 1675 and landed upon in 1775. Sealers arrived in 1786 and operated off and on, in conjunction with whaling stations, until 1965. The island has been permanently occupied by whaling and / or scientific stations since 1904. South Georgia is claimed as British territory and is part of the inclusive territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The island is also claimed by Argentina as part of the Islas del Atlántico Sur. This category contains Internet sites that are about or located on South Georgia Island.

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The Living Edens- South Georgia Island
Site for this PBS production provides broadcast information and video ordering. Also about the island, trivia, educational information and related links.
Log Entry 23 February
Narrative on an attempt on Mount Roots, the highest unclimbed mountain on S Georgia
Postcard From South Georgia
From one of the most remote locations on Earth.Discover its grim path and its promising future.
South Georgia Heritage Trust
Raises funds to conserve and protect local wildlife, and to help preserve the historical heritage of the island. Includes history, information about wildlife, and details of specific projects.
South Georgia Museum
Originally a whaling museum, it now embraces all of the island’s history.
The Wild Island of South Georgia
Includes information about the cemeteries on the island, the environmental management plan, and an historic sites forum.
South Georgia: The lost whaling station at the end of the world
The BBC reports from the abandoned whaling station at Leith Harbour. (June 09, 2014)
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