This category includes web sites about the natural, scientific, and environmental aspects of Antarctica. It includes information about the natural environment, environmental problems, and scientific activities specific to Antarctica.

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Antarctic Meteorology
Almost real time data coverage of the Ronne Ice Shelf iceberg.
Antarctic Projects
Information about the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center and the Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Project. Also includes some Antarctic scientific links.
Antarctica New Zealand
Antarctic information on education resources, the environment and protection, science research, logistical and operational capability from the New Zealand Antarctic Institute, known as Antarctica New Zealand.
The Antarctica Project
Organization ensuring that environmental issues are given priority when decisions are made under the Antarctic Treaty System, the international treaty governing Antarctica.
Antarctica: Scientific Journeys from McMurdo to the Pole
Journeys from McMurdo to the Pole. The Exploratorium invites you to follow our crew as they visit the dry valleys and hike up the slopes of volcanic Mt. Erebus.
Australian Antarctic Division
Downloadable photos and virtual reality images to explore. Recent news about the Australian Antarctic Division. Detailed information about wildlife, plants, weather, and glaciers/ice. Searchable database of scientific data including maps, images, and graphs.
Bulgarian Antarctic Institute
Details on research and presence in Antarctica. Mission statement and program information.
The Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
CARA investigates the origin of structure in the Universe by using the Polar Plateau for astrophysics. Includes information about the organization, projects, travelogs, and virtual tours.
Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living
Manages the marine living resources in waters surrounding Antarctica. The conservation principles were defined in the Convention which was ratified in 1982.
Gateway Antarctica
A portal for national and international participation in collaborative research, analysis, learning and networking on Antarctica.
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Developed an international science plan for global change research in the antarctic, under the title; "The Role of the Antarctic in Global Change" and oversee the implementation and coordination of this antarctic research together with the major global programmes.
UAB in Antarctica
Follows explorers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham as they conduct research. Includes interactive questions and answers from Palmer Station.
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