Policy institutes study a wide range public policy issues and topics; publish position papers; conduct conferences on public policy topics; etc. Their web sites are often good sources of information and opinion on public issues. Some policy institutes are nonpartisan, particularly if they are associated with universities, but most have a particular point of view. Institutes in this category cover the full range of the political spectrum.

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The Australia Institute
An independent think tank dedicated to develop and conduct research and policy analysis and to participate forcefully in public debates.
Centre for Independent Studies CIS
A classical liberal public policy institute, which supports a free enterprise economy and a free society under limited government.
Institute for Economic Justice
Institute to protect and encourage the economic rights of individuals.
Institute for Private Enterprise
An organisation promoting private enterprise, economic reform, political reform, free market commercial activity, productive investment and the reduction of the role of government.
Institute of Public Affairs IPA
An institute promoting an understanding and appreciation of the free society and free enterprise. Hundreds of studies and articles available online.
Lowy Institute for International Policy
Promotes discussion and produces distinctive research and fresh policy options for Australia’s international policy.
Mannkal Economic Education Foundation
A Perth-based registered non-profit organisation promoting libertarianism.
Menzies Research Centre
Undertakes research into policy issues which will enhance the principles of liberty, free speech, competitive enterprise, limited government and democracy.
The Sydney Institute
A conservative think tank dedicated to the principle of policy debate. It conducts more than 50 lectures, seminars and panel discussions each year.
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