Sites that deal exclusively or mostly with historical accounts of Australia's Armed Forces,(all Services) and provide helpful and interesting FACTUAL information. All time-lines are accepted from the landing of the First Fleet to the War Against Terror in Afghanistan.

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37th Battalion
37th Battalion AIF. Full Nominal and Honour roll of soldiers that served in this battalion. Photographs and letters home.
The Anzac Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland
Information for schools concerning the role played by Australian forces in war. Helps to organise the annual Anzac Day ceremonies in Queensland. Hosts articles related to different aspects of the Australian experience of war.
Anzacs: Officers died at Gallipoli, 1915
Biographic details of approximately 500 officers of the Anzac Corps who died due to service on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in 1915. Photographs and maps as well as details on how eligible families may apply for an Anzac commemorative medallion. Also includes a complete listing of the Anzac epitaphs from the cemeteries of Gallipoli.
Australian and New Zealand Civil War Veterans
Civil war veterans buried in Australia and New Zealand. This is about men from Australia and New Zealand who fought in the American Civil War and the Americans who followed them back to start a new life.
The Australian Commemorative Plaques Project.
Ross Bastiaan was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his single-handed work in placing - all over the world - over 100 large bronze plaques commemorating the sites of Australia's finest military achievements. Not only did Ross - whose site this is - place the plaques voluntarily, he also personally hand sculpted each of them and conducted the fund-raising and negotiations necessary for such a large project.
Australian Service Nurses National Memorial
A developing list of Australian nurses who have died during, or as a result of, war service in any conflict since the Boer War.
Australian War Memorial
One of the great military museums of the world. Covers Australian involvement in conflicts since the Maori Wars of the 1860s. Contains online databases of all official and private records, art, sound recordings, film and photographs held by the memorial. Visits to the memorial and / or its research section may be planned, and items ordered either from this section or from the museum's shop.
Australian War Memorial War Histories
Includes five separate series of official war histories; one for each of the major conflicts in which Australia has been involved and one relating to more recent peace-keeping operations.
The Australian Warbirds Association
A non profit company for aircraft owners, operators, restorers, maintainers, historians and enthusiasts to share their passion for ex-military aviation, and to promote and preserve Australia's proud military aviation heritage.
Australians serving in the Boer War, South Africa (1899-1902)
Research resource and information guide for those with a Boer War soldier in their ancestry. Alphabetical list of soldiers, glossary of terms, and bibliography included.
The Battle of Hamel - History and Memory
A very particular event of World War I in France and of the Australian Corps' involvement. Some local history and account of the battle plus presentation of the various forms of that period memory (commemorations, war relics, Australian Corps Memorial Park etc.)
The Gallipoli Association
The Association's objective is to preserve the memory of the men who served in, and commemorate the events of the Great War campaign on, the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey, between April 1915 and January 1916.
Grants Militaria
Australian military history site, with hundreds of photographs showing uniforms and equipment. Includes special features, articles of Boer War research, WW1 and WW2 diaries, discussion forum, uniforms of the world.
The Gun Plot
History of the Royal Australian Navy, covering WW1 and Gallipoli, WW2, Malaya, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. Provides details of warships, weapons, battles and heroes.
Military Historical Society of Australia
The MHSA site contains details of membership, back-issues of its journal 'Sabretache,' and articles covering all wars in which Australia has been involved.
The Military Photograph Museum And Registry of Australia
A growing collection of Australian military photographs including portraits of those who served. Special software (suitable only for Windows) must be downloaded from the site and used to access the photographs.
Military Vehicle Collectors Society of South Australia
Historic and military vehicle collectors society who also run a museum displaying members vehicles. Listing of members vehicles, membership details, museum opening hours, and committee details provided.
Royal Australian Regiment
Service in Vietnam by the Australian Infantry Battalions of the RAR. A report of the 9 Battalions, their weapons and equipment, their tours of duty and what it was like in the "Funny Country".
The Shrine of Remembrance
Located in Melbourne, the shrine commemorates the lives lost in the Great War of 1914-1918.
Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of Queensland
A site dedicated the men who served their country and came home to ride. The club was established to provide social and welfare support for bikers who are Vietnam Veterans. The VVMC Qld Chapter is not only a motorcycle club, but is also recognised as an Ex Service Organization and Welfare Group in its own right by the Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs and other various government and veteran groups.
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