Division of Child and Family Services
Under the Department of Human Services; offers help regarding adoption, child abuse prevention, domestic violence, and foster care.
Great Salt Lake Resource Conservation and Development Council
serving the communities of Tooele, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Morgan counties for social, economic, and environmental enrichment through resource conservation and development since 2003.
Office of Health Care Statistics
Supports health improvement initiatives through the collection, analysis, and public release of health care information.
School LAND Trust Program
Where revenue from school trust lands is deposited and distributed to every public school in the state through the School LAND Trust Program.
Government initiative acting as the catalyst for connecting entrepreneurs, innovators, industry, education and the financial community with the equipment and human capital assets of the regional schools and universities
Utah Commission on Volunteers
State government coordination of volunteering resources with links to charity and service groups throughout Utah.
Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Operates a network of state stores which sell all alcoholic beverages, except beer, and administers the liquor laws, and regulates the sale, manufacture, distribution, and consumption of alcoholic products.
Utah Department of Commerce
Controls business licensing, consumer protection, regulation of utilities, and other commercial matters.
Utah Department of Corrections
Operates the prison and criminal rehabilitation system in Utah.
Utah Department of Environmental Quality
State government department charged with maintaining the quality of the air, land, and water.
Utah Department of Health
Oversees and regulates health care services for children, seniors, the mentally ill, substance abusers, and all residents of Utah.
Utah Department of Human Services
Provides services for the elderly, substance abusers, people with disabilities, abused children, youthful offenders, mentally ill and others.
Utah Department of Natural Resources
Oversees parks and recreation, regulates mining and drilling, conducts geological surveying, plans the responsible use of natural resources, and manages water resources in Utah.
Utah Department of Public Safety
Supports law enforcement and fire officials and coordinates statewide driver licensing and emergency management.
Utah Department of Transportation
Handles traffic planning and construction and management of highways in Utah.
Utah Division of Water Resources
Promotes the orderly and timely planning, conservation, development, utilization and protection of Utah's water resources.
Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development
Provides information in three divisions: Business and Economic Development, Community Development, and Travel Development.
Utah State Department of Insurance
Regulates the insurance industry in Utah.
Utah State Tax Commission
Utah's Revenue Agency. Administers state tax laws and collects tax revenue. Registers and titles Utah motor vehicles.
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