1 Q: what is a personal homepage? A: hi my name is Paisley, this is my wife Pandora, my cats are seal and amoeba (pictured here), we currently are into human sacrifice (just kidding but you get the idea.) personal means about the personal life of the person. 2 Q: do you live in Texas? A: if you live in Texas and this meets the personal webpage criteria set forth in #1 , then this is the place!!! If you don't live in Texas, you should think about submitting a site in your state's area. 3 Q: can I put my resume in a personal page? A: But of course }: > you can even speak about what you do for a living, but remember, any direct solicitation, will get your site removed from this category.

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A Cowboy's Wife
Home and garden, DIY crafts, travel, recipes, family and some technology talk from Lori Falcon, Texas.
Eyes on Texas
A transplanted Yankee from the state of Washington sees Texas through northwest eyes.
The Great West Texas Militia
Parody of militia doctrines. Features a message board.
Home of the Texas Badger
Directory of Texas links.
Jim Spencer's Corner
Resources for the consumer to research a variety of subjects including educational resources as well as news events, sports,politics, medical resources, software links, games, and a search engine.
Lewie's Travel Web
Descriptions of what we did and saw at many National Parks and other places. Travel areas include all of the US and much of Canada.
Melissa's Texas
Information about birdwatching, gardening, Freemasonry, Civil War Reenactment, parenting and stuff for kids.
Mitch Fincher's Home Page
Family information, Fincher and Pickens genealogy.
The New Frontier Presents - The Faire Page
Dragons, gargoyles, elves, faeries, wizards, Renaissance and medieval fantasy faires in Texas. Games, home of Dallas dial up Quantum Reality BBS.
Texas It's Like a Whole Other Country
Texas links and information.
Texas The Great State
[Texan Mozilla]
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