A political party is a group of people who have organized to promote and support candidates for public office and the group's principles, also called platforms. This section contains links to organizations self-identified as political parties in the United States of America, whether or not they have achieved such legal status in their areas of operation. Due to the federal nature of the United States, most political parties, including both the Republican and Democratic Parties, base their operations at the state level. Sometimes candidates may seek the endorsement of several parties; New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was the candidate of both the Republican Party and Liberal Party in New York. Some parties may form coalitions; thus the official Democratic Party organ in Minnesota is actually the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) It is in the best interest of a local party committee to suggest their site via the most appropriate local Regional category. If however the party has branches or affiliates across several states, the submitter may request a new category be created in this section. State chapters of parties and special interest or demographically based party committees organized on a state level should not be suggested at this level. They should be suggested to the Regional political party category for the corresponding state. eg Regional/North_America/United_States/Texas/Society_and_Culture/Politics/Parties

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American Middle Class Party
Political party in the United States working to restore the middle class and the American Dream.
Citizens Party
Grassroots political party for America was founded in 2004 near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Formerly named the New American Independent Party.
Confederate National Party
Believes individual states are sovereign entities superior to the Federal government and that the only role of the federal government is to act as a unified voice for the several states in dealing with foreign nations and to serve as the central command of the armed forces in the event of war. Features a proposed constitution and volunteer information.
The Light Party
Advocates a platform of health, peace and freedom for all. Features FAQ, platform and essays.
Natural Law Party of the USA
Promotes conflict-free politics for a problem-free nation and proven solutions for America through prevention-oriented government. Was led by Dr. John Hagelin. Defunct as of April 2004.
Populist Party USA
Supports taking money out of politics, making congressmen citizen servants and putting the people back in American politics. Features issue platforms, history and contact information.
Tax Me Party
A group of patriotic Americans who feel it's time for an honest discussion about what we owe our country and what we owe each other.
U.S. Marijuana Party
Works to help form and support state-level parties. Features a bulletin board, news and links to state chapters.
United States Pacifist Party
Worked to give expression within a democratic, electoral context to the belief that military power profoundly contradicts many religious and philosophic principles, and is a practical mistake in our time. Features 1996 platform and contact information.
Unity Party of America
National party supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment, an elimination of taxes on income below $30,000, and a carbon tax to balance the budget and fight global warming
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