Internet materials debating the privatization of Social Security.
Arguments Outline: The Social Security Debate
Outlines and elaborates arguments advocating privatization of Social Security system.
Estelle James, Ph.D.
Downloadable publications and powerpoint presentations on social security reform, multi-pillar systems and related topics.
President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security (2001)
Archives of the principles and findings of the 2001 Commission, presenting three models for privatization.
SourceWatch - U.S. Social Security Privatization
Encyclopedia article about privatizing Social Security, along with background data and links to additional articles and resources.
Z Facts - Social Security: Plotting to Privatize
Asks if Social Security really is in trouble, why it is important, and who wants to privatize it.
Rolling Stone - Straight Talk on Social Security
Jared Bernstein explains why Social Security is worth protecting, and how to do that. (April 27, 2012)
CBPP - Would Private Accounts Provide A Higher Rate Of Return Than Social Security?
Examines the economic analysis made by proponents of President Bush's privatization plan and finds several of Bush's assumptions and conclusions to be misleading or erroneous. From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. (June 02, 2005)
Center For American Progress - Primer on President Bush's "Plan" for Social Security Privatization
An economist analyzes Bush's plan and finds it would force massive benefit cuts, cost trillions in new borrowing, weaken its financial outlook; plus how government "clawback" would eat into any gains in private accounts. (May 05, 2005)
Los Angeles Times - The Meathead Proposition
Michael Kinsley follow-up column, asserting the logic on privatization fails because Bush assumes one thing to claim there is a problem, and then something different to claim he has the solution. (February 13, 2005)
Los Angeles Times - Kinsley's Proof That Social Security Privatization Won't Work
Michael Kinsley contends that Social Security privatization is not just unlikely to succeed, it is mathematically certain to fail. (January 21, 2005)
Paul Krugman - Confusions about Social Security
There is a lot of confusion in the debate over Social Security privatization, much of it deliberate. This essay discusses the meaning of the trust fund, which privatizers declare either real or fictional at their convenience; the likely rate of return on private accounts, which has been greatly overstated; and the (ir)relevance of putative reductions in far future liabilities. Originally publlshed in The Economists' Voice. (January 01, 2005)
Salon - Social Absurdity
The push to entrust the rapacious financial industry with Social Security money is being led by a former advisor to murderous Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. (July 20, 1999)
Cato - Retiring with Dignity: Social Security versus Private Markets
William G. Shipman explains why he supports the privatization of Social Security. (August 14, 1995)
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