Cato Institute - Health Care
Supporting the free market approach to health care reform: offering health plans across state lines, tax reforms such as large health savings accounts, portable health insurance controlled by the individual rather than government or an employer, portable medical licenses.
CCF - Affordable Care Act
Information on reform including a State Resource Center with information and tools about healthcare coverage for children and families. From the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, Center for Children and Families.
The Century Foundation - Health Care
Project following important trends, new ideas, and noteworthy research in health care policy.
The Commonwealth Fund
Private foundation promoting a high performing health care system that achieves better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency, particularly for society's most vulnerable. Includes publications, charts and maps, surveys, innovations, grants, programs and fellowships.
The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care
Provides all Atlas reports and publications, along with interactive tools to view specific regions and perform comparisons and analyses. Researchers in diverse disciplines - including epidemiology, economics, and statistics - focusing on the accurate description of how medical resources are distributed and used in the United States.
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice
Dedicated to improving health care through education, research, policy reform, leadership improvement, and communication with patients and the public through six Centers of Excellence. Includes news, essays and editorials, publications and graduate programs.
Harvard Medical School - Health Care Policy
Academic department providing research on current critical health care policy issues and informing government and private industry decision-makers who shape policy decisions.
Health Reform Watch
Weblog of the Seton Hall University School of Law, Health Law and Policy Program provides its own posts along with news and information from many other popular and academic resources.
The Heritage Foundation Research - Health Care
Think tank's recommendation that "today's bureaucracy driven, heavily regulated third-party payment system (move) to a new patient-centered system of consumer choice and real free-market competition." Includes research and policy archives.
The Johns Hopkins Primary Care Policy Center
Engages in research, analysis and education concerning the organization, financing and mode of delivery for health care, particularly to underserved and vulnerable populations.
Kaiser Family Foundation - Health Reform
Provides news, research and analysis about health care reform in the U.S. Includes history, side-by-side comparison of proposals, Congressional testimony, public opinion polls and online resources.
Provides information and tools to help policymakers, the media, and others understand, design, and evaluate health policies. Includes U.S. health care today, policy options, proposals, analysis of options, modeling estimates and RAND publications.
RAND - Hot Topics: Health Care Reform
Provides RAND research, analysis, and commentary including RAND's COMPARE project and the topics of access, disease management, financing health care, health behaviors and lifestyle changes, health care organization and capacity, pay for performance, public reporting, and quality.
RAND Health
Provides news about the latest research findings and publications on health policy. Dedicated to advancing the understanding of health and health behaviors, and examining public health policy and how the organization and financing of care affect costs, quality, and access.
St. Joseph Health System - The Center for Healthcare Reform
Information about the their initiatives to support healthcare reform, working with groups and individuals. Includes archives and resources.
Stanford Health Policy (CHP/PCOR)
Explores issues in healthy policy and clinical practice improvement including patient safety, healthcare financing, international health systems comparisons, the impact of government regulations, and the cost-effectiveness of medical interventions. Includes news and information on their Centers, research, publications, people and events.
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