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AARP - Health Action Now!
News and information about AARP's campaign for health reform. Includes interactive map, myths and how to take action.
AARP - Health Care Reform
Provides, news, analysis and resources including Q&A, fact sheets and user's guide to the new law.
AARP - Health Law Guide
Interactive guide to how the Affordable Care Act benefits you and your family, now and later.
American Heart Association - Hearts for Healthcare
Healthcare reform campaign provides a FAQ, video program, resources and Health Care To-Do List of eight common-sense reforms to help heart disease and stroke patients, and those at risk.
Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
Promoting the philosophy of individual rights, personal responsibility and free market economics in the health care industry. Includes basic issues, op-eds, free-market toolkit and information on health savings accounts.
ANA Nursing World - Health System Reform
News and information about healthcare reform including myth v. fact, toolkit, resources and how to get involved. From the American Nurses Association.
Faithful Reform in Health Care - Home
National interfaith coalition of organizations and individuals promoting a faith-inspired vision for a health care future that is inclusive, accessible, affordable and accountable. Includes blog, perspectives, resources and membership list of national and state organizations.
Families USA
A national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health and long-term care for all Americans.
GE - Enabling Better Health and Healthcare Reform
A global leader in healthcare provides information on its Healthymagination initiative which supports universal and affordable coverage, transparency and choice, payment reform, prevention and early detection, system efficiencies, innovation, non-disciminatory insurance, preserving employer-based systems, and liability system reforms.
Health Care Reform - A Mindful Approach
A detailed, revolutionary plan is presented by a medical doctor to reform the health care system by restructuring medical education. The program would be individualized, cost free, and open to any motivated person.
Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Reform (HPfHR)
Group of physicians, nurses, public health experts, healthcare economists, health information technologists, business leaders, hospital administrators, politicians and patients, offering a plan designed to create basic universal health care that's comprehensive, effective, efficient and politically viable. Provides the plan, FAQ, and how to help.
Organizing for a national single-payer healthcare system. Provides news and information, endorsements, resources and how to get involved.
Promoting health care reform with universal health care for all Americans.
JAMA - Health Care Reform
Collected coverage from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Kaiser Permanente - Health Care Reform
Provides 'Principles on Health Care Reform' along with case studies, news center, KP in Congress and policy ads.
Main Street Alliance
Supports healthcare reform that works for small businesses: affordable costs, guaranteed coverage, shared commitment, and real choices. Includes news, blog, research, resources and how to take action.
Medicare for All
Proposes that all medical bills be paid by a single federal government agency. Includes information resources, activities and status.
National Association of Social Workers - Health Care Reform
NASW provides policy statements, documents, action alerts, coalitions, resources, and information on congressional proposals. From the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world.
National Coalition of Health Care
Provides recommendations, community forums, executive action, and congressional action and reports. The more than 70 organizations of NCHC support health care coverage for all, cost management, improvement of health care quality and safety, equitable financing, and simplified administration.
National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare - Healthcare Reform
Provides news, fact sheets, summaries and charts, issue briefs, state activities, webinars and resources about the healthcare reform needs of those with mental illness and substance use disorders.
National Physicians Alliance
Providing news, events and information on health care reform including Health Reform 101, a petition, videos, and a toolkit to help physicians prepare for participation in town halls, local press events, and outreach to members of Congress.
NFIB:Healthcare Reform
National Federation of Independent Business provides their view on healthcare reform and its effect on small businesses. Includes goals, challenges, research, current legislation and their Solutions Start Here campaign.
NHPCO - Health Care Reform and Hospice
Supporting hospice as part of the healthcare reform solution, not only for patients and families but also as a model of cost-efficient and high-quality health care delivery. Includes news, documents and congressional activity. From The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.
Physicians for a National Health Program
Physicians, medical students and health professionals who support single-payer national health insurance. Includes news, research and proposals along with activism materials and information.
Prevention Institute - Health Reform
Defining health reform as broader than the health care system, this group supports community prevention to significantly alleviate social and financial costs by keeping people from getting sick and injured in the first place. Provides overview, advocacy centers and resources.
Single Payer Action
Provides news and information supporting a single-payer health insurance system.
Small Business Coalition for Affordable Healthcare
Provides information about the crisis, congressional action and resources along with a list of coalition members.
Small Business Majority
Small business owners supporting comprehensive healthcare reform with cost containment, tax equity for the self-employed, insurance reform, and financing based on the principle of shared responsibility. Includes news, research, state activities and resources.
UHCAN (Universal Health Care Action Network)
Group supporting the Institute of Medicine principles for health care reform: universal, continuous, affordable, sustainable, and promoting high-quality care.
USCCB - Health Care Reform
Provides their position, facts and statistics, FAQs, video, how to get involved, and prayer and liturgy resources. From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
AARP Bulletin Today - Health Care Reform
Compares differences in current bills being considered with an article on the possible impact on medicare. (September 25, 2009)
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