Factual non-partisan information on U.S. federal, state and local legislation.

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Ballotpedia - Firearms on the Ballot
Information about state initiatives relating to gun control, from the collaborative encyclopedia about state politics.
FindLaw - State Gun Control Laws
Gun control laws, by state, regulating the possession and purchase of firearms.
FollowTheMoney.org Archives - Gun Issues
2012-and-earlier archives of campaign funds raised and spent for state ballot measures relating to gun issues including gun rights and gun control.
GAO - Gun Control: States’ Laws and Requirements for Concealed Carry Permits Vary across the Nation
U.S. General Accounting Office online publication discusses the differences in gun control laws and concealed weapons permits by state.
OpenSecrets - Guns
Provides U.S. House and Senate votes, campaign contributions and lobbyist spending on firearm laws. Includes summary of gun rights vs. gun control issues.
OpenSecrets - Manchin-Toomey Amendment
Contributions from gun rights PACs and gun control PACs, in total and by congressional recipient.
POPVOX - Issue Spotlight: Firearms and Gun Control Legislation
Information on specific bills including background checks, banning specific weapons and ammunition, trafficking, enforcement, UN Arms Trade Treaty, Second Amendment, children and schools, sales, buybacks, concealed carry, service-members and registration.
Project Vote Smart - Gun Issues
Provides information on key votes, public statements, interest group ratings and ballot measures, nationally and by state.
Wikipedia - Gun Law in the United States
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about federal, state and local gun laws in the U.S.
Sunlight Foundation - Gun Control and Gun Rights: Legislation, Policy and Influence
Background and current status of gun control issues at the time of Sandy Hook. (December 17, 2012)
CRS - Gun Control Legislation
2012 report from the Congressional Research Service includes background and analysis, the history of federal regulation of firearms, current issues and current proposals. (November 14, 2012)
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