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ABC News - 2016 Elections
Interactive state election guides to the presidential election. - Road to the White House 2016
Series of videos and transcripts relating to the campaign and candidates.
The Christian Science Monitor - USA Elections
Collected news, analysis and commentary about the national and state campaigns.
CNN - 2016 Elections
Complete news coverage including video clips and polls.
Daily Kos - Elections
News and opinion on current U.S. election campaigns from a progressive view.
The Fiscal Times - Elections
Continuing news an commentary about the presidential candidates and their issue positions, focusing on taxes and the economy.
FiveThirtyEight - Politics
Nate Silver provides data-based analysis of the American political process from campaign fundraising to election day and beyond..
Fox News - 2016 Election Headquarters
Elections news and videos including debates, watchlist and timeline.
Frontloading HQ
Blog by Josh Putnam, a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia who specializes in campaigns and elections.
The Guardian - US Elections 2016
Collected news, analysis and commentary on the elections, candidates and campaigns.
The Hill - Campaign
Collected coverage from the non-partisan, non-ideological weekly newspaper covering Congress and its members.
The Huffington Post - Election 2016
Collected news and commentary about the candidates and campaigns.
MSNBC - Election 2016
Full coverage about the U.S. election.
NBC News - 2016 Election
Full coverage including political news, candidates, debates, polls and results.
The New York Times - Election 2016
Collected news, analysis and commentary along with race polls and forecasts.
PBS NewsHour - Election 2016
Complete news coverage of the election including broadcast programs, reports, debate videos, interviews, background and analysis.
Politico - 2016 Elections
Latest news, polls, debates, analysis, photos and videos.
RealClearPolitics - Election 2016
Provides polls, calendar, electoral college map and information on the U.S. Presidential, Senate and House campaigns.
The Telegraph - US Election
Collected news, commentary, blogs and video on the US presidential election. (UK)
US News & World Report - 2016 Presidential Election
News and commentary about the candidates and campaigns.
USA Today - Elections
News, polls and commentary about the campaigns.
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