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International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
Representing employees in transportation, freight-related and other industries.
Serafinn Slate of Teamsters Local Union #722
Site dedicated to Teamster reform. Goal is to elect reform officers, educate the membership of their Union rights, and to be a tool for finding other labor legal rights sites.
Teamster Retirees Message Board
A site that affords Teamster retirees to communicate with each other on relevant matters. Gino Arilotta, Administrator
Teamsters Local 115
IBT in Philadelphia, PA.
Teamsters Local 1150
Represents workers at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut.
Teamsters Local 135
One of the largest local unions within the Teamsters with approximately 16,000 members and eleven offices throughout Indiana Local 135 represents members ranging from freight, UPS, warehousing, manufacturing, construction, and route sales.
Teamsters Local 14
Union representing members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in Las Vegas including county and state government workers.
Teamsters Local 177
UPS workers in New Jersey. Site contains Teamsters Constitution, UPS national contract.
Teamsters Local 190
Official site of the Billings, Montana local. Includes employment information, meeting schedule, staff and steward contacts.
Teamsters Local 320
Represents over 11,000 public employees throughout Minnesota. Photo directories of officers and business agents. Membership benefits. Members-only section. Requires Java.
Teamsters Local 404
Teamsters local union in Springfield, MA.
Teamsters Local 42
Representing members on the North Shore and Cape Ann in Massachusetts.
Teamsters Local 495
Automotive, industrial and allied workers in southern California.
Teamsters Local 600
Official page for the local based in St. Louis, Mo. and chartered by the IBT in 1912.
Teamsters Local 665
Labor union representing 4600 workers throughout Northern California.
Teamsters Local 77
Located in Fort Washington, PA.
Teamsters Local 878
Located in Little Rock, Arkansas representing 4,000 workers in various occupations.
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