This category is ONLY for Unions organized in the United States and are a part of the AFL-CIO. For other unions NOT in the United States OR AFL-CIO, please go check out Regional/North America/United States/Society and Culture/Labor

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Federation of labor organizations. Contains links to member unions, speeches, organizing information.
AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
Registered and regulated investment company run by a labor-management board. All work performed is done by 100% labor.
Arizona State AFL-CIO
Council of local unions in Arizona.
California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
State council coordinating local unions in California.
Colorado AFL-CIO
Council of unions in Colorado.
Florida State AFL-CIO
Council for unions in the state of Florida.
Georgia AFL-CIO
Council of all AFL-CIO affiliated union locals in the state.
Hawaii State AFL-CIO
A voluntary federation of 55 local unions and councils in Hawaii
Illinois AFL-CIO
State organization representing working families in Illinois.
Kentucky State AFL-CIO
Labor federation of Kansas local unions.
Massachusetts AFL-CIO
Representing 400,000 workers in the state of Massachusetts.
Michigan State AFL-CIO
Federation of unions in Michigan.
Minnesota AFL-CIO
Includes union news, healthcare links, upcoming events and other union information.
Missouri AFL-CIO
This site contains news updates, a schedule of events, and a sign up page for projects from the Missouri Labor Federation.
Montana AFL-CIO
Representing the labor movement in Montana.
New Hampshire AFL-CIO
Coordinating council for AFL-CIO activities in New Hampshire.
New Jersey State AFL-CIO
Represents more than one million unionized workers in New Jersey.
New York State AFL-CIO
The New York State American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is a voluntary federation of more than 3,000 local unions
North Carolina AFL-CIO
Coordinating council for 260 local unions in North Carolina.
Oregon AFL-CIO
Federation of unions dedicated to making jobs better and improving the quality of life in communities for the working families of the state. Includes information about issues, weekly updates and a donation form.
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
Labor council for Pennsylvania's union movement.
Representing AFL-CIO unions in Texas.
Union Label and Service Trades Department
Department of the AFL-CIO dedicated to promoting union made goods and services with consumers.
Virginia State AFL-CIO
Labor Council representing unionized AFL-CIO workers in Virginia.
Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Represents unionized workers in Washington state.
West Virginia AFL-CIO
This site contains information from workers' issues, legislative matters, organizing efforts and strike updates in West Virginia.
Wisconsin AFL-CIO
State-wide coordinating council for ll AFL-CIO unions in Wisconsin. Coordinates political and legislative action with its 1200 affiliated unions. News, labor history and health and safety information.
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