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American Civil Liberties Union
Litigates, lobbies, and educates the public regarding on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States.
Amnesty International USA - Human Rights in the United States
News, reports and success stories for the country including AI Annual Report entries for the past ten years.
Civil Rights Coalition
Resource for current news, events, reports and organizations. Also includes information on hate crimes and affirmative action.
Clarence Aaron
This 23-year-old college student received three life sentences in a drug conspiracy trial based on the testimony of informants and no other evidence.
The Constitutional Defense web page
Resources on constitutional rights.
Death Penalty Focus
Non-profit organization dedicated to the abolition of capital punishment through grassroots organizing, research, and the dissemination of information. Features articles, opportunities for action, membership information and events.
FedLaw - Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, Equal Opportunity, and Discrimination
Detailed list of links to important modern and historic civil rights and civil liberties legislation.
The Guardian - US Constitution and Civil Liberties
Collected news reports, analysis and commentary along with video, explainers, and related topics and links.
Huffington Post - Voting Rights
Collected news, commentary, photos and videos relating to voting rights and vote suppression in the U.S.
Human Rights and the Drug War
Shows the actual photos of people in American prisons today and the case histories of selected inmates whose sentences illustrate the often harsh and arbitrary policies imposed on first-time, non-violent drug offenders.
Human Rights Watch - United States
Reports, background briefings, testimony, press releases and commentary on the human rights situation in the country.
Papers Please
Dudley Hiibel was jailed and fined for not showing ID to a police officer; he is appealing his conviction. Details, video, and transcript of the incident, court documents, amicus curiae briefs, and US Supreme Court docket.
The Reality Zone
A collection of quotes and links to articles that argue there has been a steady decline of liberty, freedom, privacy and justice in the United States.
Save the Montagnard People, Inc. (STMP)
Organization helping Montagnards of Vietnam's Central Highlands fight religious and political persecution and settle refugees.
United States: Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs
The U.S. war on drugs has been waged overwhelmingly against black Americans, Human Rights Watch charges in this report which includes the first state-by-state analysis of the role of race and drugs in prison admissions.

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