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Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission
Serves as a deliberative body, coordinating the conservation and management of the states shared near shore fishery resources – marine, shell, and anadromous – for sustainable use.
Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program
National Wildlife Federation effort to educate property owners on the need to plant landscaping with wildlife in mind.
Desert Animals
Articles on desert mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects.
Focus in the Wild
Blog features photos and commentary about wildlife which inhabit the western United States.
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Working to conserve healthy populations of fish, wildlife and plants. On land and in the sea, through creative and respectful partnerships, sustainable solutions and better education.
National Wildlife Federation
Education, inspiration and assistance for individuals and organizations to conserve wildlife and other natural resources. Action links, and environment discussion board.
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Information for wildlife managers, scientists, and the public on natural resource issues and biota of the United States.
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Organization involved in a wide variety of wildlife research.
Teaming With Wildlife
A national campaign to prevent species from becoming endangered and to nurture a new generation of wildlife stewards by securing funding for state-level nongame wildlife conservation and related education and recreation programs.
Wildlife Associates
Conservation education programs for schools using live, non-releasable, exotic animals.
Wildlife Forever
A national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to preserving our national wildlife heritage.
WindStar Wildlife Institute
Non-profit conservation organization whose mission is to help individuals and families improve the wildlife habitat on their properties.
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