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Images and information on hundreds of wild plants found in the southeastern US, with a collection of the photographer's stock photos of wildlife and other nature and natural history subjects.
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
Regional, community-based, non-profit environmental organization in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Information about projects and issues.
Carolina Falls
Features photographs of waterfalls in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia as well as maps and driving directions to the falls.
Dogwood Alliance
Organization working to preserve and restore native forest ecosystems in the southeastern United States; includes current research, details on campaigns, chipmills, and ways to get involved.
Ground Water Atlas of the United States: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina
Online USGS report describes the groundwater resources of this 4-state region.
Ground Water Atlas of the United States: Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi
Online USGS report describes the groundwater resources of this 3-state region.
Studies low-oxygen waters in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly near the terminus of the Mississippi River.
Interface South
Compendium of news and information on ecological and social concerns related to the wildland-urban interface -- areas where population and development are rapidly expanding, on the edges of towns and cities across the South.
Southeast Region National Wildlife Refuges
Fact sheets, hunting and fishing regulations, and other information about refuges in the 10-state region.
Southeast Watershed Forum
Center for watershed resources for local organizations and communities to better protect land and water resources.
Southeastern Cave Conservancy
Nonprofit organization engaged in cave conservation in the southeastern states, through acquisition, management, and education of cavers and the public. Includes organization and membership information, details of caves owned, legal information, advice for cave owners, and links to related sites.
Southeastern Exotic Pest Plant Council
About exotic plants invading natural areas in the southeastern states, controlling invasive plants, and landscaping with native plants.
Southeastern Fishes Council
Scientific organization dedicated to the study and conservation of freshwater and coastal fishes of the region. Organization information and abstracts and listings of publications.
Southern Environmental Law Center
Nonprofit advocacy organization that protects the environmental quality and outstanding natural resources of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Southern States Energy Board
Regional compact of 16 states plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, promoting innovations in energy and environment. Describes the organization, its committees, meetings, and activities; and provides research reports on renewable energy, clean coal, recycling, and other topics.
Urban Forestry South
A resource for urban forestry Information in the southern region, including tree ordinances, manual and other publications, events announcements, technical contacts.
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