This category is for listing environmental information, natural features, and scientific investigations of the local area. Subjects include wildlife, earth science, botanical gardens, and zoos.

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Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)
The EERC is recognized internationally as an expert in scientifically advanced energy systems and the prevention and cleanup of air, water, and soil pollution and is part of the University of North Dakota.
Geology of the Fargo, North Dakota, Region
Information on the geology and physical landscape of the Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota region.
Lewis and Clark and the US Geological Survey in North Dakota
Lewis and Clark participated in many scientific investigations on their trip through North Dakota. Today, the U.S. Geological Survey continues many of those investigations begun by the Corps of Discovery, including monitoring the water and biological resources of North Dakota.
North Dakota Birding Society
Promotes public interest and study of birds, and preservation of natural habitats. Photographs, field trips, meetings, bird records committee, resources, and links.
North Dakota Geological Survey
The North Dakota Geological Survey's mission is to investigate the geology of North Dakota, to administer regulatory programs and act in an advisory capacity to other state agencies, and to provide public service and information to the people of North Dakota.
North Dakota Mathematics and Science Alliance
NDMSA is a coalition formed to promote the improvement of science, mathematics, and technology education in North Dakota.
North Dakota Natural Resources Conservation Service
Federal agency office working with local soil conservation districts to achieve conservation of soil and other resources on private land. Information about wind and water erosion and NRCS programs in the state.
North Dakota Science Teachers Association
The North Dakota Science Teachers Association (NDSTA) is a group of interdisciplinary science educators. Our membership is open to K-12 classroom teachers, university faculty, informal educators, concerned citizens, and business personnel.
Regional Weather Information Center
The mission of the Regional Weather Information Center at the University of North Dakota is to support the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education through experimental opportunities in operational and applied research in contemporary meteorology with an emphasis on future applications through technology transfer to enhance economic development.
Spirit Lake Nation
Water quality, hazardous waste, air quality, and environmental data for the Spirit Lake Nation, Fort Totten, North Dakota.
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