Philmont Scout Ranch hosts more than 18,000 Scouts every summer for a variety of reasons. Most are there for backpacking in the pristine Sangre De Cristo Mountains. Others are there for the training center. Many see the Villa Philmonte, the summer home of Philmont's benefactor, Waite Phillips. Philmont is not only home to Scouts over the summer. One of the stipulations of the donation of the land to Philmont by Waite Phillips was that it remain a working ranch. Burros, horses, and a herd of buffalo all reside within Philmont. Philmont's livestock has two brands, a rarity among livestock ownership, as one may only have one brand registered per group. One brand is registered to the Boy Scouts of America, and the other is registered to the Ranch itself. A wise man once told me that at his home on the farm he didn't know anyone brave enough to brand a buffalo or anyone stupid enough to brand a burro, but, at Philmont, the burros are branded.

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Koshare Museum Entrance
A common stop along the trail to Philmont, run by Boy Scouts dedicated to preserving Native American culture.
The Philmont Explorer
A reference site to help new crews prepare for a trek. It has anitinerary database, gear guide, campsite data, and other useful information.
Philmont Patches and Images
Scans of collectible patches from ranch.
Philmont Scout Ranch
The official Philmont site. Contains maps, links to other sites as well as general information.
Philmont Scout Ranch Maps
From the U. S. Scouting Service Project, Inc.
Philmont Scout Ranch Photographs
A semi-organized black and white collection from a 1947 trek.
Philmont Staff Association
Includes membership information, shopping, events as well as links to other local sites.
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