Often, a group of like-minded individuals will camp together at Burning Man, sharing facilities, building communal structures and making a joint contribution of some sort to the Black Rock community. These groups are called Theme Camps. When a bunch of like-minded Theme Camps join together, it's called a Village.

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Above The Limit
Village offering the illuminated Crystal Cavern, coffee and tea at Cafe Kona, climbing and hammocks at Darwin's Monkey Bar, and a selection of home brewed beer. Site includes resources for new burners, as well as group history, photos, and future plans.
Alternative Energy Zone
Village devoted to solar, wind, and other power sources other than fossil fuels. Site includes alternative energy and camping resources, as well as group history and photos.
The Anonymous Village
A safe-haven for sober burners, with 12-step meetings held every day. Includes meeting schedule and information about joining the camp.
Ashram Galactica
Hotel including the Gilded Lily bar, Poshram massage and aromatherapy spa, and Casa Roca Negra restaurant.
Bad Idea Theater
Theater complex and lounge offering questionable movies and refreshing libations.
Emphasis is on good food, camaraderie, and participation. Projects include Pimp Your Bike, and the Micro Cinema.
Black Rock Asiatown
Village offering a shibari tea house, zen garden, tiki lounge, geisha house, rickshaw delivery service, and giant video projections.
Black Rock French Quarter
The oldest neighborhood in BRC, featuring a bakery, vineyard, brewery, coffee house, voodoo shop, bathhouse, and live jazz.
Black Rock Vineyards
Vineyard operating year round in the Black Rock Desert, producing the carnivorous Cabernet. Site includes location and contact form.
Black Rock Wine Cellar
Free refrigerated wine storage for connoisseurs around the city.
Camp Cyberia
Offers a 30-foot dome and communal areas for camp members, and snow cones for all passersby.
Camp Gender Blender
A safe haven for people of all genders and backgrounds or who are curious about gender identity. Includes information about joining the camp and events schedule.
Camp Zoom
Fire artists and installations, and Zoomy the Turtle art car. Photographs, information about joining the camp, and events.
Dragon Debris
Arts collective based in Los Angeles. Site covers plans and photos of projects including Bollywood, La Dolce Vita, and Easter Island.
The Golden Cafe
A sidewalk bistro offering cocktails and music, with photographs, announcements, and details of the associated camp.
Hair of the Dog
Blue collar dive bar and open mic venue, formerly known as Spanky's Bar. Site includes music, photos, and links.
HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
Healing oasis providing classes and sessions of various massage therapies and methods of spiritual growth. Site includes information on the nurturing community and how to join.
Peaceful campsite in the heart of the city, free of generators and amplified sound. Site includes discussion list and info on how to join.
Village for kids and their families. Site includes registration information and discussion groups.
Mobility Camp
Making Burning Man accessible to everyone, offering wheelchair-accessible art tours, and a charging station.
Run Free Camp
A clean and sober camp with 12-step meetings and events promoting sprituality.
Temple Guardians
Dedicated to preserving the safety and sacred space of the Temple.
Temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Neighborhood pub with a 3 story high lounge, stripper pole, and free public phone.
Vines Without Borders
Camp for international wines and wine lovers.
VW Bus Camp
Home of the BusZilla mutant vehicle. Site includes discussion list and history.
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