Some who attend Burning Man feel compelled to record their personal experience of the event, in words, pictures, and other media.

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Bad Times on the Green Tortoise
Personal account of trip taken with Green Tortoise Travel Company to Burning Man 2001.
Bruce Damer's Burning Man Pages
Essays, personal reflections, and photography covering 1999 to 2007.
Burning Man Revealed
Ari Schindler offers his opinion of what Burning Man is really about, based on his first visit in 2002.
Burning the Man
Derek M. Powazek's account of his 1996 installation, the Book of Burning Man.
Burningman '98 and '96
Jef Poskanzer reports on 1996 and 1998 in prose, photographs, and haiku, featuring Lego Camp and the Nebulous Entity.
BurningMan Is Dead
Rants against the management of Burning Man, an amusing collection of hate mail, and deconstruction of official propaganda.
Cyberbuss Virtual Trip
Captioned photo essay about 2000 trip, plus links to Cyberbuss photo essays from 1996 through to 1999.
Digital Consciousness News 2007
Concise account of various camps and activities at Burning Man 2007, through the eyes of a newbie.
Don Davis
Personal accounts and photos covering 1997 through 2004.
Tales of Burning Man 1997, morning, day, evening, and night, in words and pictures by Aaron Young.
Exploring the Vault of Heaven
Tapestry offers an extensive day-by-day chronicle of his trip from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to Burning Man 2004, including photos.
Going to Burning Man 2010
Preparations and musings on attending Burning Man 2010 for the first time.
How I Spent My Burn
Godfrey Daniels, Farrah Fawcett, Herb Alpert, and the composer Richard Wagner meet on the Hualapai Playa in 1997 to eat Cherry Clan candy and play Magic 8 Ball, chew Psychic Gum, and suck on popsicle sticks.
Ishkabibble Burning Man 2001
The Goldbergs' personal account with photos.
Klaus Schoenwiese Presents
A personal journey illustrated by professional sepia photographs.
Mickey Sattler at Burning Man
Images and stories from 1994 to 2010, from the creator of Geek Times.
MindStation X: Burning Man
Bill Clearlake chronicles his experiences at Burning Man 1997 to 2000 with poetry, pictures and advice.
Robin's Adventures at Burning Man
Written account and photos of Burning Man 2007 with the Gypsy Nomads by Robin Forman.
Saga of a Burning Man Virgin in the year of our Lord 2001
Story (includes reflections about September 11, 2001) and pictures of a Burning Man virgin, who stayed at Illumination Village.
Three Fantastic Burning Man Stories by Brad
Brad Templeton presents three tales of synchronicity and cosmic coincidence on the playa.
Tim Thompson on Burning Man
Yearly diaries, photos, and video by an engineer of interactive art installations.
Whip It! 98
An account from someone who drove an art car from Arizona to attend the 1998 event.
Why We're Not Returning to Burning Man
A disgruntled account of 1999's event from Deuce of Clubs, including the "Larry Harvey" book signing and many guest appearances by Wagner.
Wrybread Live
Comedic photo essay from 1999, with an opportunity to add your commentary and read what others have written.
You Will Never Be Able to Explain
The story of Burning Man 1999, in illustrated essay form.
Your Balls Are Burning, Sir
Kat and Elwing provide images and words from 1997 to 2000.
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